By Bob Balgemann

Ken Terrinoni


There were quite a few people at the recent Boone County Board meeting, in attendance to address a variety of issues.

But early in the meeting they were of one mind in offering up prayers for longtime Boone County Administrator Ken Terrinoni, who is on an extended leave of absence as he battles an undisclosed illness.

His older brother, David, was invited to the meeting and battled waves of emotions as he talked about Ken.

David is retired after 31 years as a chaplain in the U.S. Air Force.

He followed the Rev. Jim Bell, senior pastor of First United Methodist Church of Belvidere, to the podium, where prayers already had been said for the administrator’s complete recovery.

Rev. Bell said Ken was “one of ours” and the reason he was there that night.

Given that the pastor and some members of the congregation were asked to be at the meeting, David Terrinoni said it was thought someone from the family also should be there as well. “Guess who was elected – me,” he said. And so he noted that Ken had been with the county for more then 30 years, being a man of integrity, service, and excellence.

“Back in ’08, when the market crashed – and I’m not sure how he did it – he made sure no one was laid off,” David said. “That says something. So, yes, I’m a proud older brother. You are his whole life.”

Has surgery

The week before had been rough, yet a time when “prayers were amazingly answered,” he said. “He has had surgery and is still with us. Right people in the right place; right doctor, right hospital, right down the road. He’s been moved to Sycamore, an acute, long-term facility. We’re just waiting for…

For complete article, pick up the May 9 Belvidere Republican.

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