Stillman Valley High School’s Bass Fishing Team competed in its’ second year of IHSA competition on Thursday at Pierce Lake. Team #2 (Josiah Lester, Axle Lovgren, Alayna Olson, and Tyler Carrow) got 5th place with 8.10 points. Team #1 (Payton Olson, Gage Henderson, Nick Jordal, Hunter King) got 13th place with 3.88 points. First row: Payton Olson, Cullen White, Axle Lovgren, Gage Henderson, Nick Jordal, Second Row: Matt Burtch, Alayna Olson, Hunter King, Nathan Casey, Josiah Lester, Third Row: Tyler Carow, Coach Olson, Ryan Gingotta, Coach Lester.

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