Reenactor Paul Dickenson has trained Siberian husky to pull a sled and wagon: an instinctive chore for the breed known as an Indian dog.

The Gathering draws visitors to Macktown despite the snowy weekend
By Jean Seegers
Despite snow and cold temperatures over the weekend, reenactors pitched their tents, cooked their meals over a campfire and chatted with their neighbors and friends during The Gathering at Macktown.
Visitors watched history unfold as the blacksmith created implements in his shop, and the tanner scraped animal hides.
They observed black powder shooting demonstrations, talked with Benjamin Franklin, sat in on a lesson in teacher Mrs. Ferguson’ classroom, visited the mercantile shop and enjoyed homemade root beer and fry bread.
Fur traders and voyageurs conducted business and chatted with visitors as they wandered through the 1830’s village of Macktown.
The annual event was held Saturday and Sunday, April 27 and 28. Friday, April 26, was Education Day- for school children only. Students and chaperones from throughout the area visited Macktown and learned about the history of the area, and the early settlers including Stephen Mack, his wife Hononegah and their children.
Macktown Living History and Education Center is located in the Macktown Forest Preserve, 2221 Freeport Road, in Rockton. Call 815-624-4200 for visiting hours and special event information.

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