Rockton Grade School student Scarlett Vaughn holds up a picture that she created.

Eye catching art pieces showcased at Whitman Post, Rockton Grade School Art Show
By Marianne Mueller
Students at Whitman Post Elementary were asked to “Think Big” as each had artwork on display that was both breathtaking and eye-catching on Wednesday, May 4. Students rose to the challenge to create a variety of pieces.
“Each student made three pieces at WPES which added up to a total of around 1,500 works of art,” WPES Art Teacher Dan Enderle said.
Mazes, pencil toppers and 3D houses were all created by third, fourth and fifth graders through the use of a 3D printer; each piece proving to be a real show stopper. The printer was obtained through a grant received through the school. Andrea Enderle explained to art show guests how the printer worked and outlined what each grade created with the use of the printer. “Each piece takes about two hours to print out, and the printing is nonstop,” said Dan Enderle. He adds, “As a district we are starting to use #Rockton Pride to promote our students and the events that they participate in. I set the printer to make that as a demonstration and to push #roctkonpride.”
Noticeable and nice sized caterpillars, ladybugs and ants were made of paper Mache, with a few foam originals, and a couple of 3D printed pieces.
Fourth graders covered walls with realistic looking 3D style paper flowers made out of construction paper.
Based on the work of artist Victor Vasarley a photo wall full of optical illusion greatness featured Rubik Cubes.
Aluminum foil donuts; special foil sports themed art, Name Brands candy or other goods, and extra-large foil lollipops, a life size eraser for extra big mistakes, specialty photo projects, and Liberty coins, added an extra dose of fun to the overall show.
Inspired by artists who love to use large objects in their art students produced a life size Rubik Cube, giant Crayons and a Checkers game; each grabbing great attention along with an extra-large ice cream sundae.
Hanging from the ceiling of WPES was a pair of giant sized eye glasses. These were no ordinary glasses as they were designed by third grade student Dakota Magnus. “My Mom wears glasses and it makes sense to wear glasses, and to choose this as my project,” Dakota said. “We had to think big and could do something that was either big or small and I decided that it would be fun to do something really big. I had enough stuff to make it and I even put flowers inside of it.”
“The concept of our show is along the lines of “Honey I shrunk the Kids or “I Dream of Jeannie,” Enderle said.
“Students helped to hang their own art on the wall; that way it becomes their art show,” Enderle said.
WPES also featured art on an Alumni wall.
Fitting with RGS’s theme, “All about Bees” Local beekeeper Jan Weldon of Weldon Farms was a special guest at the RGS art show. Weldon shared bee hives, honey combs, honey samples and several honey products with families.
“We had over 2, 000 plus pieces of artwork, “RGS Art Teacher April Graves said. “We also introduced the ideas of micro and macro. Classes discussed bee conservation and declining colonies throughout the world. “
Bee themes, hot air balloons, caterpillars, butterflies, paper Mache bees, and an eye catching Easter basket with eggs were among different types of art displayed. World featured arts, rainbow collages, paper cut out bees and much more were found hanging on walls, on tables or from the ceiling. Astronaut art had a photo of the student who becomes an astronaut in their imagination. Keeping in line with Earth day a group of students opted to feature different ways, “I can help the Earth by…” Answers varied from recycling to planting a tree to picking up more garbage.
Kindergartners showed early talent by drawing pictures of bees with another display on germs.
In between schools honey combs and lemonade were served by volunteers.
Graves adds, “The RGS art show was a huge success with special thanks to the amazing students, parents, and

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