By Christopher Johnson


A ruling is expected to be handed down as early as Wednesday, Jan. 27, in regards to whether or not student athletes at Pecatonica and Winnebago High Schools are going to be able to suit up for what formerly was referred to as fall sports, this spring.

Activities such as football and girls volleyball were put on hold as Covid19’s influence began to infiltrate the state and nation, prior to the scheduled season tip-offs in August. At this point it appears, fall matches are on track for action in mid-February.

While some student athletes in neighboring states were allowed to take to the courts and fields, Illinois followed a different set of rules, which was under the oversight and control of the IDPH and Governor JB Pritzker’s office.

On Wednesday, Jan. 13, the Illinois High School Association met and presented a measure that would allow for all IHSA sports not operating under an officials IHSA season calendar to conduct contact days as soon as they are allowable per the Illinois Department of Public Health.

IHSA Executive Director Craig Anderrson reported to his Board of Trustees that he knew the type of effect not allowing sports to take place had on students across Illinois.

Now it appears a modification is going to be considered, according to Anderson.

“It is our intention that these contact days provide sport-specific training under the leadership of high school coaches. This is an effort to provide a viable sports option to high school athletes.”

According to a report released by the IHSA oversight commission, the Board reviewed several options outlining a sports schedule framework for the remainder of the school year.

When officials gather next, on Wednesday, it is expected that the Board will share a majority decision that will allow practice to begin immediately for specific winter activities.

Those sports that are first in line for contact allowance and group training are deemed low-risk They include many of the regular winter games that would have begun in November, 2020.

Anderson explained that boys and girls bowling, cheerleading, girls gymnastics and boys swimming and diving are a few of the first that will see action.

“Those teams will be allowed to begin practice immediately and then continue their season through the season calendar established by the Board, later this month.”

Depending on where a student athlete goes to school, relating to their Regional allocation, team training with no physical contact may begin immediately.

Classification is key, Anderrson explained, with Tier 1 and Tier 2 Regions giving a green light to proceed as has been approved by the IHSA.

It was further reported that all IHSA athletic activities remain on pause for schools that are located in Regions that remain under Tier 3 or Tier 4 mitigation.

The Illinois Department of Public Health has updated information on its website, which explains which areas of the state currently have the most flexibility with athletic scheduling.

If a school district finds itself in Tier 1 mitigation, according to the IHSA website, it may begin intra-team scrimmages immediately.

For updated information on the state of sports in the State of Illinois, log-on to

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