By Jean Seegers


Election Day is Tuesday, April 6, 2021.  Local governments will present a list of candidates on the ballot for various positions.  Roscoe Township will be among them.  The Township is looking to seat a clerk, assessor, road commissioner and four trustees, and Roscoe Township Supervisor.  After eight years at the helm, current Supervisor Jim Bankovich is stepping down.

The candidates are running on two slates:  The Independent Party slate and the Republican Party slate.   

Running on the Independent ticket are: Bob Nowicki –Township Supervisor; Steve Schreier – Township Road Commissioner; Gary Blascoe – Township Clerk; Phil Rhymer- Trustee; Elizabeth Lindquist- Trustee; Pat Henderson –Trustee; and Chuck Gilbert – Trustee.     

Running on the Republican ticket are:  Ryan Rydell – Supervisor; Greg Ragan – Highway Commissioner; and Cindy Servant – Assessor. Four candidates: Steve Connell; Ilene Frazer; Scott Salinger and Joe Zammuto are running for Trustee positions.

The two slates are running on two different platforms.  The Republican slate, under Rydell’s leadership, is emphasizing support for youth sports and recreation programs, (softball, baseball and soccer) in the Township. 

The Independent slate supports development of a community center to be located on the 117-acre Founders Park.  The property includes Founders Park and the original Robt Cross Homestead. (Robt Cross is the founder of Roscoe.) The house and property are located on Hononegah Road. The Roscoe Historical Society Museum will be housed in the Cross house. The property is fully paid for.

Independent Party members say there will be no increase in taxes to pay for construction of a 3,350 sq. ft. community center on the property.  Funds have been accumulated through donations, grants and fiscal conservatism since the early 1990’s.

Bern Sundstedt, President of the Roscoe Historical Society, said funds for restoration of the Cross home and museum are being raised privately.

The Republican Party has a different list of interests and priorities.  Ryan Rydell and members of the Republican slate are running on what they see is a need to make changes in the recreation facilities owned by Roscoe Township.

Softball, baseball and soccer leagues play throughout the summer months.  Kelley-Meyer Park and Cross Park fields are in continuous use. “The township recreation program needs to be changed,” Rydell said. “Scheduling and maintenance of the facilities is a mess.”

“I don’t hear much call for a community center,” Rydell said. He said he is not aware of a survey seeking   the community’s response.

The Independent slate said they believe in being physically conservative.  The Republican slate is looking for proper physical management and using assets well.

Voters can select candidates on both tickets.  They are not obligated to vote for just one slate.

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