By Christopher Johnson


After taxpayers of Pecatonica Township went to the polls on Tuesday, April 6, the vote totals determined there would be a new leadership board in place when the next fiscal year begins.

Pecatonica business owner Elizabeth Clark handily defeated both current Township Trustee James Anderson and former challenger for the title of Township Supervisor, Jim Dunn.

Clark’s total of 214 votes, outpaced Anderson’s 136 and Dunn’s 122 in the April Consolidated Election. 472 total votes were cast for the person responsible to be in charge during the next four-year cycle.

Current Township Supervisor Joe Musso, who had been working off a multiple-term schedule, had made the decision to not seek the position of Township Executive Director again.

That meant the position became a toss-up with three candidates jumping to the front to vie for the title of Pecatonica Township Supervisor.

As the top executive was being selected, voters also made the decision as to which four members of the community would be asked to work with them for the foreseeable four-year future in the capacity as Township Trustee.

Current Township Clerk Jennifer Mohaupt  pushed to the front and ended as the most popular selection by Township voters following the ballot counting a little over a week ago.

Mohaupt pulled down 23.40% of the over 1,400 votes cast on Tuesday night. She was the top vote getter collecting 336 votes. The total was six votes more than incumbent Trustee Brian Boomer.

Vernell Sarver, who had already become a multiple-term Trustee was also re-selected to join Mohaupt and Boomer at the Township table.

With Trustee Dick Zimmerman deciding to expire his run as community leader, resident Joseph Schroepfer pulled down the last available seat.

Schroepfer’s 269 votes beat out citizen Rogene Hamilton’s 14 percent vote total. She scored 201 votes in the April 6 election.

Township Highway Commissioner Bruce Lizer decided to not seek re-election in 2021, which meant the battle fronts opened up to Thomas Menge and Matthew Feltes.

When the totals were tallied, a decision was rendered giving Menge the position by a 261-218 vote margin. He will join the table of leaders at the start of the next fiscal year.

With Mohaupt giving up her position as Township Clerk and making the decision to seek Anderson’s vacated seat, the Clerk’s position came open to be filled.

Joanne Chambers was selected by a 100 percent margin for the position of Township Clerk.

The Pecatonica Township resident picked up 375 votes to secure the job, which will lock her duties in, in the chair just off the right shoulder of incoming Supervisor Elizabeth Clark.

The final race in Pecatonica Township was uncontested. Scott Hamilton was selected to take up the duties of Pecatonica Multi-Township Assessor. His 390 votes earned him that responsibility.

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