The Win Bur Sew Fire Dept. responded to a house fire and rescued 11 dogs from the property.

On March 15, Winnebago County Animal Services was called upon to assist the Win Bur Sew Fire Dept. where there were 11 dogs on a property that was on fire.

Animal Services took the dogs in to ensure their comfort and safety. Unfortunately, the home was badly damaged, and the owner can no longer care for the animals. All dogs were assessed by a veterinarian and care staff upon intake.

They were closely examined for evidence of smoke inhalation and any skin wounds from close contact with smoke/fire. All dogs were started on prophylactic treatments to help keep their lungs healthy and decrease any inflammation in their airways as they were recovering.

A few dogs had some minor blisters or burns that were treated. All dogs were bathed immediately by our dedicated kennel staff to remove smoke debris that could be further irritating to their skin and lungs.

The dogs were all monitored closely over the next several days for additional problems such as coughing or new blisters or burns and more treatments were given as needed.

As of today, all these dogs are doing well with only a few of them having some minor burns and minor coughing present. We are beginning to get to know each dog’s unique personality.

These dogs are now available for pre-select and able to be met with by potential adopters. Due to Lala’s age and injuries we are looking for a rescue organization to better suit her needs.

We would like to send a shout out and thank you to the multiple fire departments and Animal Control officer that responded to the scene and getting these pets to safety.

Interested in adopting? Visit our website and complete an adoption questionnaire:

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