By Christopher Johnson


The Tuesday, April 27 meeting of the Pecatonica Village Board was a significant one. New and familiar leaders were introduced to the community, in an official capacity.

Democracy achieved its place in public policy as the winners of the April 6 Consolidated Election were positioned for the new Fiscal Year.

Those newly elected by qualified voters within the Village of Pecatonica were officially sworn in and informed of their duties to the Village Board and community.

An oath was taken to cement the newly formed, four-year termed relationships. Citizens turned out on April 6 to make their selections and the winners officially took control on Tuesday.

The positions of Village Trustee and Village President were up for election. Incumbents, excluding exiting Trustee Paula Hachmeister, found their way back to the body through the popular vote

Thomas Gipe and Thomas Heister re-claimed their positions around the horseshoe table with newly selected Gerald Howard, who out distanced Michael Neville, being introduced to functioning municipal practices.

Un-challenged Village President Bill Smull stood as the lead vote-getter in the Consolidated Election. He was sworn in to manage operations for the immediate future on Tuesday as well.

The former Fiscal Year ended this past weekend with the new Board faced with the responsibility of assuring they  stay on target and within the boundaries drawn up on the Village Improvement Plan.

Many of the 2021 enhancement actions, which have been agreed upon by the Village Board, involve d an effective roads and water improvement schedule.

Village President Bill Smull had previously reported that hundreds of thousands of dollars had been locked in to serve in a specific, infrastructure improvement manner.

Those dollars would be earmarked for varied road projects or major water infrastructure improvement destinations.

The experience of having been in a leadership position during the recent Covid19 invasion is expected to be key in successfully managing spending plans this Fiscal Year.

Five-sixths of the Board of Trustees remains in place, with the Village’s Chief Executive Officer also manning his post.

Being aware that sales tax dollars and dollars from video game play would be down this Fiscal Year has led to it being a popular discussion topic during recent leadership council meetings.

It was expected that every Department would be stricken this spending cycle, with all Department Heads informed to manage what they had, and attempt to make do on the difference.

Even with Covid19 playing a part of life in the Village of Pecatonica, meetings are still being held and are open to the public.

However, there are some restrictions in place. Residents and those wishing to attend a meeting of the Pecatonica Village Board are encouraged to check them out by calling village hall or viewing the community’s online portal.

The Village Board meets on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. and as a Community of the Whole on the first Thursday, also at 6:30 p.m.

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