By Margaret Downing


Three of the city’s police officers were honored at the city council meeting May 3. Police Chief Lynde recognized the “2020 Officers of the Year,” who were previously honored by the Clifford E. Johnson Loves Park VFW Post 9759.

As noted, “Officers Kaitlin Werle, Brady Bailey, and Cody Polizzi were congratulated by Mayor Gary Jury and the city council and received a letter or commendation.

“Retired Chief Jim Puckett and Retired Sergeant Doug Allton, both of whom are now aldermen, were able to join in the ceremony. We would like to congratulate these officers on their outstanding work and tell them how proud we are of their accomplishments.

“These officers were nominated for the awards by their sergeant due to their outstanding work ethic, great teamwork, and tenacity to excel!

“We would also like to thank the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Post 9759. The precious freedoms we live by every day, come at no small price to our veterans, yet they still take the time to honor others in the community!”

In other business one ordinance, first reading, was okayed for an indoor baseball and softball academy with batting cages at 8185 Commerce Dr.

A resolution “Opposing reductions the Local Government Distributive Fund by the State of Illinois,” and a letter to the governor signed by the mayor was approved.

As noted in the resolution: “Governor J.B. Pritzker has proposed that the State Fiscal Year (SFY) 2022 State Budget include a 10 percent reduction in the amount of LGDF revenue distributed to Municipalities; …and this revenue reduction is being proposed at a time when Municipalities are already expending additional funds on the COVID-19 emergency response.”

Additionally, in support of this opposition, the resolution also states, “Since the State Income Tax was adopted in 1969, the state has shared a percentage of total income tax collections through the Local Government Distributive Fund (“LGDF”) with Municipalities and municipalities in recognition that local governments are essential service providers for Illinois residents who live, work and play at the local level.”

Per the weekly police activity report for the week of April 18, 411 calls were received, 104 arrests were made, and officer responded to five accidents.

The weekly fire department report for the week of April 13 noted four mutual aid responses were given and six were received. Average time on scene “Lights and Sirens” for both Stations 1 and 2 came out to 16 minutes, 34 seconds.

Among other duties the street department has been painting over graffiti on city bridges, doing yard repair from plow damage, and has started removing sidewalks for replacement in some areas.

The water department in the previous week repaired service leaks at 4901 N. Second St. and at 5448 Pebble Creek Trail.

Anyone wishing to speak at the city council meeting shall contact the Mayor’s office by 4 p.m. the day of the council meeting at 815-654-5030.

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