By Christopher Johnson


A large consortium of citizen representatives joined together recently in an attempt to determine what can be done to save one of the last remaining faces of Pecatonica history.

According to reports and through information shared in open meeting on Wednesday, June 2, a lot of response was received in regards to the deconstruction of the Pecatonica Granary, including from a group out of LaCrosse, Wis., who had offered a discounted deal in exchange for possession of re-workable lumber.

Some issues involving mold, structural integrity concerns and build-up under the slates were listed as reasons the decision to take down the granary was being considered.

A measure of definition as to what will be the correct path to follow, in hopes of preserving the Pecatonica Granary is currently being sought. Reportedly, Pecatonica “cathedral” granary is only one of 13 remaining standing in the State of Illinois.

On Wednesday, June 16, the committee to preserve the Pecatonica Granary will gather again, with additional discussion expected on the topic.

The history of the granary runs will into the early 20th  century, from its inception in the late 1800s. Purposeful agricultural services provided by the stop-over point ended decades ago.

It became a part of community identification after that. To many, it is still one of the most identifiable structures in the area, making it unique from neighboring communities.

Since then, the cone shaped symbol of remembrance has played a role in helping bring to life the history of the Village of Pecatonica, acting in the capacity as a “welcome center,” of sorts.

Social gatherings were often common in association with the Pecatonica Granary,  when the structure was deemed up to par and ready for operations.

Community dances were a regular sight, according to one former member of the Heritage Museum Board, who stated that maintenance was still managed by private groups.

Funds for maintenance of the Pecatonica Granary, reportedly in an amount of $50,000 have already been contributed to the cause.

It was explained that even though the dollars donated were received, they had not been tapped into, as had been the initial intent.

Some legal steps have already been taken, even though a permit from the Village of Pecatonica is yet to be received for any work on the facility off Main Street. Property tax spending on the facility had already been suspended.

A lawyer’s letter was presented to the gathered body at the Wednesday meeting, explaining what the duties and responsibilities of the property owner were, in regards to what can be done with the granary structure and property.

Property owners have ultimate control as to what can be done with a specific parcel or structure that they possess. However, determinations through Federal registration for historical significance have often superseded individual designs.

Those who wish to become a part of the discussion are encouraged to surf local community social sites online, or join an in person meeting to have their voices heard.

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