By Bob Balgemann


More than 40 bowlers in a variety of ages from Harlem and Hononegah schools are still on the road in Indianapolis, Ind. They’ve renewed their rivalry but this time the field is much larger, with all of them vying for college scholarships. 

Hundreds of student-athletes have been grouped into the following divisions: boys and girls under 12 years age; under 15; under 18; and under 20. The two competitions going on at varying times during the month of July are the Junior Gold Championships, currently under way, and the Youth Open coming up a bit later. 

The U18 division had completed its third day of matches at press time, with Harlem’s Ryen Apgar making a dramatic climb in the standings. There were 1,167 bowlers to begin with and after the first round, Ryen was in 1,029th place. His four Day 1 games were 128, 152, 159 and 174, for 613 pins total and an average of 153.25 per outing. 

On Day 2, he jumped up to 576th place after rolling games of 169, 161, 159 and 188, for a 698 series and an eight-game average of 163.88 per game.

He was on a roll during Day 3, climbing to 88th place on the strength of 246, 213, 207 and 232 games, amassing 898 pins and a new total of 2,209 over 12 games, to go with a new average of 184.08. 

Others in the block of local bowlers assembled by Harlem Middle School Coach Kelly Nimtz were faring well in the U18 competition after three days. 

* Zachary Joiner of Loves Park, Rockford Christian, 10th place with a 12-game average of 201.67 per visit to the lanes. He has been improving steadily since the tournament began.  

* Justin Mooney of Roscoe, Hononegah, 13th place, averaging 201.17 per game. 

* Devan Skridla of Rockford and Guilford High School, 33rd place, carrying a 193.42 average over 12 games. 

* Conner Mooney, South Beloit, Hononegah, 77th place, averaging 185.33. 

Rounding out the list of local bowlers in this age group was Christian Bauer of Roscoe, Hononegah, in 364th place in the remaining field of 383 bowlers, with an average of 146.42. 

Girls results

A number of girls from Harlem and Hononegah also are in the Junior Gold Championships, in the U15 and U18 divisions. 

In Day 1 at the U15 level, Cassidy Davenport of Rockton tied for 31st with games of 166, 173, 182 and 222, for a 743 series and a 185.75 average. She moved up a couple of spots on Day 2 by putting together games of 144, 200, 160 and 147, for a 651 series and a 162.75 average. For the two days she totaled 1,394 pins, averaging 174.25 per appearance. 

Day 1 saw Ashlin Teves from Machesney Park wind up 75th, rolling 110 and 158 games to start, then finishing strong with consecutive 208 and 209 outings to average 171.25 overall. Day 2 was a little bit better with her 688 series (177, 158, 162 and 191) helping her move up into 38th place. 

Roscoe’s Allison Roberts was 95th on opening day, recording games of 185, 139, 190 and 153 for a total 667 and an 166.75 average. Riley Gilbert of Loves Park started with a 138, 113, 152 and 117, which landed her in 279th place, averaging 130 even. Neither girl could be found among continuing competitors on the second day. 

In the U18 division, college-bound Harlem graduate Madison Woodman had the best Day 1 outing for the Harlem-Hononegah group, finishing 402nd with a 619 series made up of 215, 131,120 and 153 games. 

Kyley Olson, South Beloit, was 419th, averaging 153.25 with games of 138, 161, 172 and 142. She was followed locally by Paige Carpenter, Machesney Park, in 423rd with a 610 series built on single games of 139, 178, 128 and 165. Madison Davenport, Rockton, was 455th with a 148.75 average; Abby Topham of Roscoe came in 526th, averaging 135 even over four games. 

Carpenter jumped up to 293rd after Day 2, recording games of 171, 182, 173 and 183 to average 177.25 over those outings, and 164.88 over eight appearances. 

Woodman moved a bit higher, into 386th place, based on her games of 168, 136, 159 and 171. Olson was 432nd; Davenport, 468; and Topham, 510th. 

Boys results

In other early rounds for Harlem and Hononegah boys, Benjamin Dahle placed 85th out of 195 individuals in Day 1 competition in the U12 division, rolling 140, 151, 146 and 134 for an average of 142.75. On Day 2, he slipped 126th, with games of 143, 110, 130, 93 and an eight-game average of 130.88. 

Hononegah freshman Charlie Hunt led the local group with a 20th-place finish during Day 1 of the U15 division. He recorded games of 179, 245, 189 and 219 for an 832 series, averaging 208 even.

Harlem’s Brayland Carpenter finished 96th with single games of 189, 170, 172 and 217 to average 187 for the day. Other Machesney Park entries captured the next three places among locals. Devin Titus was 131st, averaging 181.75; Dake Titus came in 438th, with a 155 average; and Colton Kilbreath, 441st, averaging 154.75; Logan Moore of South Beloit, 445th, carrying an average of 154.50; and Jeremy Martinez from Loves Park, 495th, with an average of 148.75. 

Hunt dropped to 60th after Day 2, rolling 162, 146, 188 and 186, which gave him a two-day average of 189.25.

Devin Titus bounced back, up to 77th place, after posting games of 155, 184, then closing with 213 and 210 efforts. He averaged 190.75 for the day and 186.13 for the eight games. 

Carpenter was 233rd after Day 2, with an overall average of 172; Martinez was 487th, averaging 153.13; Moore, 507th, carrying a two-day average of 150.53; and Dake Titus, 529th, averaging 148.63  

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