Boone County Fair Junior Talent Contest winners: First Place: Sophia Lassandro, Second Place Bella Torres and Hayley Musgrave, Third Place Josef Steurer.

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the Boone County Fair was not sure of what kind of attendance the fair would have. They were prepared for a smaller turnout than usual but were delighted to discover that 209,439 people had come to the fair this year. In all of the BCF’s 61 years, this is their fourth highest attendance. People couldn’t wait to come and have fun.

The Boone County Fair always holds numerous competitions for people to watch and to participate in throughout the week. Here is a list of some of the winners:

Entertainment Pavilion:

• Mother-Daughter Look-Alike Contest: Third Place Vicki LaMarca, Ashley Draheim, Stella Foley; Second Place Kathy Hand and Jennifer Sanchez; First Place Patricia Carter and Renee Hunter

• Father-Son Look-Alike Contest: Third Place Matthew and Benjamin, Second Place John and Eli; First Place Jordan and Steffen Adler

• Lip Synch Contest: Third Place Kaylee Wahl, Second Place Bella Torres, First Place Danielle Rosene

• Karaoke Contest Winners: Third Place Eric Pilgreen, Second Place Thomas Barker, and First Place Sarah Collier

• Junior Talent Contest: Third Place Josef Steurer, Second Place Bella Torres and Hailey Musgrave, First Place: Sophia Lassandro

• Senior Talent Contest: Third Place Emelyn Smuszkiewiez, Second Place Elena Stewurer, First Place Joseph Soetermans 

Demolition Derby

*1 p.m. Beginner Competition: 

First – Rhett Beasley, Second – Cody Krowlek, Third – Dillon Losh, Fourth – Presley Beasley, Fifth – Brett Hall

1 p.m. Demo OW:

First Place – Ethan Hauser, Second Place – Dawson Wensky, Third Place – Alex Green, Fourth Place – Natahn Hauser, Fifth Place – Dan Green

1 p.m. Demo MVSUV:

First Jeremy – Gutzmer, Second Place – Justin Broege, Third – Chance Hubbard, Fourth – E.J. Collins, Fifth – Derek Schmidt, Highest – Perry Merkel

6 p.m. Demo OWM:

First – Ruben Hernandez, Second – Billy Hentges, Third – Andrew Jamison, Fourth – Jeremy Gutzmer, Fifth – David Walker

6 p.m. Demo Fair:

First – Tony Passini, Second – Juan Cruz, Third – Matthew Hall

6 p.m. Demo Trk:

First – Chris Cadie, Second – Jake Chapman, Third – Brad Knapp, Highest – Ruben Hernandez

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