By Christopher Johnson


Finding funding is a big part of running a successful athletic program and at this point, dollars aren’t as free-flowing as they have been. The Pecatonica Fans Club is hoping that will change.

In order for funds to be distributed to the various sports teams, special events and volunteering become integral parts of success. Parents with student athletes in the Pecatonica School District are encouraged to follow requirements, if they want to help the athletic programs.

In a post made public through varied social media outlets, a tone was set for what the Pecatonica Fans Club needs, as it prepares for a very busy and fairly normal sports season.

“Beginning with the 2021-2022 school year, the Pecatonica Fan’s Club will be resuming previously established requirements that all programs, which request funding donations, must meet a rate of 85% parent/student volunteer work.”

The pressure to assure that student athletes and their parents do what is asked of them has been most centrally placed on the coaching staff and advisors for the varied sports activities.

The shift in how things have to be handled is necessary, according to the social media post.

“Due to multiple complications with the initial roll out of the program during the 2019-2020 school year, the Pecatonica Fan’s club will no longer be allowing individuals to work only part of an event, to receive credit towards their sports or activities goal.”

Students and parents are asked to spend time behind the concession counters at the home sporting events, to help earn funding for the special interest activity.

An example was issued regarding how many students from each activity must be involved in customer service duties.

“If the sport or activity has 20 student participants, than 17 of the students and/or a member of their household, high school age and up, need to have volunteered.”

If the requirements are not met, and an 85% level of participation is not achieved, requested dollars will not be donated to the sport or activity.

An additional note regarding communication of intent was also added to the social media post, letting parents and their student-athletes know the different steps to volunteering that must be taken.

“We will also no longer be using a website for event registration. That must be done through text or a phone call at 815-978-5897 or through email at”

The Pecatonica Fan’s Club has assumed the responsibility of making the “gaming experience” better for students and fans of Indians athletics.

Different investments by the Pecatonica Fan’s Club have included scoreboard upgrades, camera installations, road trip funding and specialized needs, at times.

The Pecatonica Fan’s Club is a volunteer group that has the designed purpose to help student athletes achieve certain goals in their sports and activity careers.

Those parents and student athletes who wish to become an active member of the Fan’s Club are encouraged to contact Pecatonica High School, to discover when and where meetings will be held.

Any additional questions about being a part of the sports support group can be directed to Tara Fitzanko, through text, phone or email.

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