By Christopher Johnson

On Wednesday, Jan. 19, the Pecatonica Township Board will gather in regular session off Reed Street for the first time in 2022 and will open the gates into the home stretch of the soon-to-expire fiscal cycle.

Tip-off for the taxpayer-funded monthly get-together is scheduled for 6pm. Citizens are encouraged to arrive early if they wish to sign up and address the body of elected officials.

As 2021 prepared to become a memory, Trustees and Township Supervisor Elizabeth Leigh Clark closed down the request session and approved the 2022 Levy.

There are no modifications occurring that will require a public release of the Levy in the form of ballot inclusion or public hearing, because of the design of the annual practice.

After all the numbers were put together, a less than five percent increase towards available dollars was approved by a super-majority vote. Consensus was achieved.

The majority agreement highlighted a recently well-established track of action by those asked to take their seats around the voting table, following the 2021 Consolidated Election.

According to recent statistical indicators, many things have been accomplished since citizens cast their ballots to select four Trustees and a Township Supervisor a little under a year ago.

Record-wise, the denoting of the consistency of unanimous votes cast has become a frequent practice.

In recently-expired fiscal seasons disagreements about needs and wants were regularly present. Decisions to vote against or for were often fueled by highly-contrasted ideals.

Getting something handled was generally due to a 3-2 margin of acceptance, which was finalized by the Township Chief Executive Officer’s deciding vote.

The duties of Township Government include assuring there is general assistance available for those who may have limited opportunity or financial strife

Townships are required to assess the real property of lands and citizen holdings  within a mandated six- square mile area of supervision.

Lastly, managing the roads, which are outside of the jurisdiction of federal, state and municipal centers  falls under tasks and mandates for Township Government.

When the 2021 Consolidated decision-collection portal was closed and after all the votes were registered, the newly chosen leaders began working on a path to attempt to change the way things had been done.

Since the first days of the 2021-2022 Fiscal Year, successful discussions have been held regarding issues such as spending taxpayer contributions and determining how much was necessary to effectively operate in the latter days of the Fiscal Year.

Former Township Secretary and newly-selected Trustee Jennifer Mohaupt said unanimous decisions have been fairly standard as of late. “A lot of the votes that we have taken have ended 5-0.”

Recent topics of discussion included area road conditions and Township readiness for the expected changes winter weather will bring.

The Pecatonica Township Board meets on Wednesday night, with citizens asked to sign up before the start of regular action at 6 p.m.

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