Dino-lovers, rock collectors, and fossil diggers unite for an internationally attended festival. Our audience includes scientists and researchers, aspiring scientists, students, paleo-lovers, and even dino-loving kiddos! Many of the talks focus on our speakers’ cutting edge research and amazing new finds. Burpee is proud to present PaleoFest 2022 on March 4 through 6.

Boasting an impressive lineup of guest speakers and researchers, hands-on workshops, lectures for children, paleoart workshops, and activities for families, paleo science is presented in a fun, big way.

New and exciting

On Friday, March 4, students can attend our annual PaleoSymposium for Elementary, Middle and High school students. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, all students can attend for free.

This event will feature a panel of paleontologists from around the country and local scientists debating real issues, sharing their research, and engaging children in discussion.

We will broadcast via Youtube LIVE! For more information contact nicole.hayes@burpee.org

On March 5 and 6, expect to attend the science lectures –as a scientist or as a family –given by professional visiting paleontologists. Many of the talks focus on their cutting edge research and amazing new finds.

Burpee is excited to announce Saturday night’s dinner keynote speaker: Dr. Joe Sertich, a paleontologist and the Curator of Dinosaurs at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. His field-based work has taken him to many of the Gondwanan continents of the southern hemisphere, including multiple expeditions to Madagascar and Africa where he has worked on bizarre crocodiles and giant sauropod dinosaurs.

Closer to home in the Rocky Mountain West, his research is focused on the ecology and evolution of dinosaurs during the last 20 million years of the Cretaceous. In addition to investigations into the latest-Cretaceous dinosaurs of Colorado, he leads the Laramidia Project, currently working to uncover dinosaur ecosystems in the Cretaceous of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument, Utah, northwestern New Mexico, and the Big Bend region of Texas.

The big evening celebration on Saturday, March 5, kicks off with a cocktail party where you are mixing with the scientists, and then a beautiful dinner before we enjoy Dr. Sertich’s presentation.

For the younger crowd, Burpee is excited to announce new workshops and classes including a PaleoArt class and family science talks. Our workshops will be focusing on trilobites, terrific creatures that thrived for over 270 million years, and ceratopsians, a diverse array of triceratops relatives. Get involved with hands-on activities and up close science fun.

The weekend kickoff on Friday, March 4 for members and special guests will feature a talk from Burpee’s very own paleontologist as he discusses Dan Large mymoorapelta.

For a full schedule, visit the website at burpee.org/paleofest.

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