By Marianne Mueller

A Yorkie visits the pool at Doggie Day Camp.

Hair of the Dog Grooming has been known for the past 15 and half years for making dogs look and feel good. In this past year the grooming studio has added a new opportunity with a “Doggie Day Camp.

Owner Stephanie Mackey, her daughter Jayme West  and her employees have been welcoming dogs a day camp allowing them to get  quality exercise while having loads of fun.

The camp is located on site at 800 Watts Avenue in Rockton. Inside is a 1700 ft. space. This allows room for a walk-in ground 12×14 sized doggy pool complete with fountains. Dogs do a lot of running and playing in the water along with playing with other dogs. “We have a lot of toys for them and they get plenty of exercise and fresh air.” Mackey said.

The outside grounds have 6,000 ft. where dogs can take a break outside. “Dogs should always be able to go outside to use the potty throughout the day,” Mackey adds.

“We have always loved to help owners with their dogs, and have always wanted to expand our business. When COVID came it was a lot on people and their pets to handle. Dogs need to run and to play to drain their energy. With both parents having to work these days Doggie Day Camp is the perfect place to take their dog to help achieve these goals,” Mackey said.

Hair of the dog grooming opened in September of 2006. In years past the business has been involved with supporting others in the community. Every year that Millicent Christoper held a dog walk with proceeds going to a great cause Mackey and her team were on site to provide nail trims. There is a treat display in the businesses lobby in support of the “Care for Pets” organization.

They have donated baskets for their “Take them Home” fund raiser, Another area that receives loving help from Hair of the Dog Grooming is “Hopes Legacy.”

Hair of the Dog’s first location was on Cannell Court in Rockton, before they moved to Race Street. The current location is in a Quonset hut where they plan to expand grooming, doggy camp and future prospects.

Currently the business offers dog grooming, “Doggie Day Camp” and daytime pet sitting. Grooming hours are Monday and Wednesday from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 8 a.m, until 4 p.m.  Doggie Day Camp and pet sitting hours are Monday through Thursday 7 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. Doggie daycare and pet sitting registration can be found on the Hair of the Dog website at

Grooming prices vary depending on what will fit the pets needs. Day camp and pet sitting are $20 per day.

“When COVID came along we were forced to close our grooming salon for six weeks as everyone was shut down; grooming was deemed a necessity which allowed us to reopen, and we have been busier than ever,” Mackey reflects.

Owners live on the premises and in the future hope to add boarding pets to the list of services already offered. All areas remain supervised at all times.

Anyone who is looking for fun options for their dogs in a local setting has the perfect opportunity at Doggie Day Camp!

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