By Marianne Mueller

Andrew Rhoades, Danielle Rhoades, and John and Venise Broda enjoyed wine at After the Vine. it accompanies, but does not repeat the obvious.

Hawick Street was the place where there was “No Fooling Around “on April 1. Rockton businesses teamed up to create a full evening of pure fun with no pranks being pulled.

This first time event involved  live action on Hawick Street.  At After the Vine nice crowds tried different wines from seven wine representatives. Each had several tastings from their own profiles. Those who took part in the tastings had the opportunity to choose a “People’s Choice” wine.

Of course the option of buying a bottle to take home added to the overall fun.

Musical entertainment came in the form of tunes provided by the talented Kevin Burns of Good Vibrations DJ Service. Burns played guitar as he performed songs of specific eras.

Chocolates to pair with wine were made at Sugar Britches and ready to buy.

Sitting on the counters of After the Vine were Charcuterie Classic Cups designed by Fibs; full of edible delicacies. These were available  for purchase.

A tent was set up outside in front of After the Vine. Donald Czyzyk had a beautiful display of unique purses  called “Myra Bags by Donald” for sale.

The Mix provided specialty drinks at ‘no joke’ pricing plus to go bags with fresh donuts holes and other treats. Another food choice was to purchase  food from Sabores Mobile Kitchen Truck.

Frosted Farmhouse stayed open beyond their usual hours to allow customers to shop. One of the vendors had specialty wine T-shirts that they created in addition to handmade wine bags available to purchase.

Pampering was on the docket at Rockton Sanctuary Spa. Spa staff gave chair massages, curled or styled hair  and made nails more beautiful through polish changes. An extra service was adding strip lashes; each at a nominal fee.

Ann Salberg and Lou Tisovec came with plans to have fun together and with others.

“Connie and her crew made the event a huge success. Wine tastings always give us a chance to meet fellow wine lovers and to share stories. This event was a great opportunity for sharing.”

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