By Christopher Johnson

The Village of Winnebago was scheduled to work through involved sanitary practices this week in an effort to assure the functional operation of displacement pipelines.

It is a standard practice that is seasonally undertaken by public works officials and those contracted to assist with village infrastructure improvement.

Notices of some of the projects starting this week and those slated for ignition have frequently been made available through the Village of Winnebago’s online portal,

This past week it was reported that Four Rivers Sanitation Authority, which was contracted to work with the village of Winnebago, began high pressure clearing of the sewer lines.

By applying additional force to the exodus system to assure any blockages are removed, residents are expected to face less concern that situations could arise.

The agreement with Four Rivers Sanitation Authority was forged well before the efforts began this week. During this week’s meeting of the Winnebago Village Board, variations to the intergovernmental agreement received attention.

On Monday, June 13, members of the Winnebago Village Board met to assure many needed contracts were approved, to allow for continued summer readiness.

A report issued through the Village’s Public Works Committee presented the amendment for line clearing in addition to asking for funds to be released as part of the 2022 Road Project.

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars will eventually be needed, as major improvements to sewer lines, water lines, mains and drains, along with the roads to override them continue to be enhanced.

The background work for the road underlying pipelines also had to be funded and during Monday’s meeting Trustees were informed that the engineering expense for the water main project would be presented for payment.

A final request for action, through the Village’s Public Works Department, featured time spent on discussion of presentable contracts for municipal waste removal.

Gill’s Garbage Contract was scheduled as item four on the Monday, June 13 agenda, making it the last topic of discussion in relation to ongoing work through the Village’s Public Works Department.

Earlier in the evening, discussion was held on how funding for the Fourth of July celebration is coming along and where the committee stood as event set-up date approaches.

A report expressing how much was available for use in relation to the community gathering was brought to the attention of Members prior to the Board convening on Monday evening.

Residents of Winnebago and those interested in what has been happening and what will be going on as the summer progresses, are encouraged to attend one of the regular monthly scheduled meetings.

It is relevant that a sign-up ahead of time is needed if citizens wish to speak to the body of elected officials.

As a standard practice and supported by majority approval by the quorum of leaders in place, public comments are allowed just ahead of the scheduled run down of public work activities.

Citizens and those who wish to address the Board of Trustees are allowed three minutes per presentation, with the total talk time allowed being no greater than 18 minutes.

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