Because the extracurricular experience can have a profound impact on their lives of student-athletes the Byron School District is engaging in a process to examine and determine how to maximize the experience for the benefit of our student-athletes/activities.

The district will work with Randy Oberembt, retired New Trier High School Athletic Director, and Bob Prusator, retired school district superintendent, on that critical process. Randy and Bob currently co-teach an Illinois Administrator Academy course on maximizing the high school athletic experience.

Over the past two years, over 200 administrators representing approximately 300,000 students have participated in their course, including Byron administrators.

Additionally, they have worked with several high schools facilitating a local process to improve athletic programming.

We are fortunate that Randy and Bob have agreed to work directly with the district in this effort.

The process requires the active participation and involvement of representative Byron student-athletes, parents, coaches, community booster/community members and district leadership.

Randy and Bob will present to the Byron School Board on Thursday, July 28 at 6 p.m. Following that, they’ll meet with a representative group of parents, booster and community members on Aug. 15 at 6:30 p.m. On Aug. 16, they’ll meet separately with a group of representative coaches and student-athletes. It is here that we’ll begin the process to assess and examine the strengths and challenges of the BHS extracurricular program and determine a systematic process to maximize the benefits of the BHS athletic experience to our student-athletes. This process will include collaboratively developing the following:

• Core Values of the Byron High School athletic experience

• Desired Outcomes of the Byron High School athletic experience

• Desired attributes of a Byron High School coach

• A survey instrument to assess the experience of Byron High

School student-athletes

• Desired attributes of a Byron High School athletic director

• A survey instrument to assess the experience of Byron High

School coaches

• A “Byron High School coaches’ “Best Practices” guide

We’re excited to be engaging in this important work and believe it’ll have a tremendous positive impact on our extracurricular programming. Randy and Bob will return to the district on Sept. 1 and Oct. 6 to facilitate follow up work with our representative groups and continue the process.

Any parent or community member is invited to participate and is requested to RSVP. Our expectation is that you can commit to both sets of dates. Please RSVP by Aug. 1, via e-mail or phone.

Contact person: Jim Kann, Director of Athletics

(815) 234-5491 x225

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