At the July 18 Loves Park city council meeting, aldermen approved two resolutions and one ordinance, first reading.

*A resolution authorizing the Loves Park Fire Department to purchase a used 2019 Braun
Chief XL w/Dodge (ambulance) 550 4X4 Diesel w/12,000 miles from North Central Emergency
Vehicle Distributor, Plainfield, Ill. at a cost not to exceed $264,860 was passed.

*An ordinance, first reading, “making appropriation for corporate purpose for Fiscal Year 2022-2023” was approved.

The total amount listed is $378,370 for the Treasurer’s office; $224,430 for the city clerk’s office; $181,982 for the mayor’s office; $13,823.89 for “general administration;” $827,512 for community development and public works; $440,000 for the city attorney; $711,000 for buildings and grounds, $115,000 for health and sanitation; $6,552,447 for the street department; $3,355,206 for the fire department; $6,912,534 for the police department; $34,000 for civil service; $33,556,290 for general fund appropriation.

“Gross Appropriation” comes to $49,151,847, which also includes Motor Fuel Tax funds, the N. Second St. Tax Increment District (TIF) Meadowmart Business District Tax Allocation, the Loves Park Corp Center TIF, Spring Creek Lakes TIF, Zenith Cutter TIF, Forest Hills TIF, Forest Hills Business District Tax Allocation Fund, the Illinois 173 TIF/Forest Hills TIF, the Illinois 173/Forest Hills Business District for “Payments under Sales Tax Rebates, the McFarland Road TIF, The McFarland Road Business District,

Total estimated “Restricted Fund Expenditures” come to $49,151,847; FY2022, and Estimated Revenues equal $49,151,847.

The fire department report for the July 5 to July 17 noted one mobile property vehicle fire response, 37 Emergency Medical Service (EMS) incidents, one electrical wiring or equipment problem, one person in distress call, four public service assistance calls, one “cover assignment or standby at fire station” incident, five dispatched but cancelled enroute calls, two wrong location or no emergency calls, one system or detector malfunction call, and five unintentional system (no fire) calls.

Per the weekly police activity report for the week of July 3 through July 9, 493 calls for service were reported, 111 arrests were made, and 12 accidents responded to by officers.

The street department workers continue to mow ditches and “road sides,” city area, make concrete repairs from water department dig jobs, and in the previous week removed a tree on Exeter that was damaged in a storm.

In the previous week the water department employees, among other tasks, oversaw and are overseeing water main projects that included River Lane.

Anyone wishing to speak at the city council meeting shall contact the mayor’s office by 4 p.m. the Friday before the council meeting at 815-654-5030.

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