During the early morning hours of Saturday, July 15, the Winnebago Police Department responded to a report of a domestic disturbance between Matthew Williams and his mother.

At that time Williams got out of his mother’s vehicle at another location within the Village of Winnebago. Williams was not present when our officer began to take the report.

While investigating the original complaint, our officer spotted Williams and attempted to take him into custody.

At that time Williams resisted arrest, fought with our officer and fled on foot. Several agencies responded to the call of “officer needs assistance” and saturated the south east portion of the Village. Unfortunately Williams was not located at that time.

During the course of the investigation, information was gathered that Williams has connections with Brodhead, Wisconsin.

Contact was made with the Brodhead Wisconsin Police Department, and they took Williams into custody on July 18, where he resisted arrest then as well.

Two felony charges were approved by the Winnebago County State’s Attorney for his actions on Saturday.

The extraditable warrants issued for Matthew William’s arrest were through the Winnebago County Illinois Sheriff’s Office for failing to return to jail, Naperville and Rockford Police Departments for aggravated battery, resisting arrest, and obstructing police. The Village of Winnebago Police was also looking for William as a result of a domestic incident, which occurred in their jurisdiction.

When police made contact with William in the 1000 block of 1st Center Ave (STH 11).

William provided a false name to police and during the arrest William kicked a sheriff’s deputy in the shoulder. Police also needed to use oleoresin capsicum spray after William continued to disobey police requests to stop resisting by using his body to prevent law enforcement from placing him in the back of the squad car.

William was booked into the Green County Sheriff’s jail on charges of obstructing, resisting, and disorderly conduct. In addition, William will be held in jail until a determination is made on the extraditable warrants out of Illinois

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