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Coach Storm and the volleyball team have great hopes for the team this year. The volleyball team has the unusual number of three captains this year in a tied vote: Captains Grace Koets (JR) Setter, Maci McCoy (SR) OH, and Delaney Molloy (JR).

BHS Media Day was held on Friday, Aug. 19. All afternoon, members of the press could have access to all Bucs teams and interviews with coaches and players.

Volleyball Coach Storm Britt said, “We went from sixth place to fourth place in Conference last year. We lost five people from our starters, but the determination and hard work the team has been putting into practice will make us a contender this year. We have the best fan section.

“We have three captains because they were all tied from the team’s voting – Maci McCoy (senior), Delaney Mulhall (junior), and Grace Koets (junior). They all play in different positions, so that will play a big part in their roles this year. One plays an offensive position, one plays a defensive position, and Grace is a setter.

“We have been breaking previous stats and records. The girls are making sure that t hey are executing the volleyball culture. They are a family both on and off the court – that is big to us.”

John Deer, coach of the cross-country girls’ team allowed the team captains to do much of the talking. “Our cross-country team,” said Ella Scimeca, “we’re really loyal to each other. We are united. We don’t leave anyone behind.”

“We have a very tight team right now,” said Coach Deery.

“We have two incoming freshmen,” said Scimeca. “Most are sophomores and only five are upper classmen.”

“In the last two years, we have had the best two squads we have had in ten years, Deery said. “Even though they were young, the girls have had some intense contestants.”

“They are just as eager and excited to be part of cross-country,” Scimeca said.

Tikaya Jones said, “These past two years, the girls’ and boys’ teams have really come together. We all have matching uniforms like a real team.”

“We are planning a lot on not just running, but all activities around it to keep our team strong,” said Scimeca. “We do weight-lifting, fitness training, mobility exercises, lunge matrix, and yoga. We are really excited for our girls. Most did not run before they came to us here at BHS and we are eager to see where we can take them and grow our program.”

“I am really excited to be a captain of this team,” said Jones. “And help the girls gain more knowledge of being a runner. When I was in my freshman year, I felt that I just had to run and it was fun, but more team bonding is needed and will be a key to helping this team.”

“I really looked up to the cross-country team captains my freshman year,” said Scimeca. “It inspired me to include myself as a captain. This is my eleventh year running. I have never felt so excited about the sport.”

“I am really excited to see how far we go to making it to sectionals this year,” said Jones.

“Last year,” said Scimeca, “We took some of our runners all the way to State. Go Bucs!”

The next group I spoke with was the football team.

“In terms of the team,” said Coach Tyler. “It looks to be the biggest one in years. We have five more boys than last year. We are also looking at the best team we have had since 2018. We hope to be in the Top Five in Sectionals and to qualify for the first time since 2018. The boys have been putting in 40 to 50 hours of work each week since the start of June.

“It’s my second year in this program. I am just trying to build on the numbers and generate excitement. We had two wins last year and we can build on that to turn the ship around. We have work to do to get the team to Conference. We are improving. We are out here and we are lifting weights.

“Our last win last year was with Guilford and we have already started looking at Guilford, which is our first game tis season. I expect it to be a competitive game. The guys are ready and excited and trying to get that tradition going again. If we do everything we want to do, we will build up the team and keep it competitive this year.

Receiver/Safety Jalen Tabilangan said, “We are a young team and we will have a lot more chemistry since we now have two years under the same coach. I see a lot of talent and more team experience. The guys are not afraid to play.”

Wishing you all the best in your endeavors! Go Bucs!

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