Tyler Hall, Monroe Center and Gwen Hall, Monroe Center took first and second place at the Ogle County 4-H Master Showmanship Contest on Saturday, Aug. 6. They are joined by Garrett Hackbarth, Lindenwood who’s family sponsors the cash award given to the junior and senior winners.

The 2022 Ogle County 4-H Senior Master Showman winner was Tyler Hall of Monroe Center! The runner up was Gwen Hall of Monroe Center.

Other senior participants ages 14–18 included Samantha Koper, Oregon, Robbie Thurow, Stillman Valley, Cooper Alderks, Chana, Bruce Gehrke, Byron, Deborah Smith, Mount Morris, Evan Kosick, Mount Morris, and Brooke Ewald, Byron.

The 2022 Ogle County 4-H Junior Master Showman winner was Maxwell Thurow of Stillman Valley. The runner up was Ayden Alderks, Monroe Center. Other junior participants ages 8–13 included Lucas Thurow, Stillman Valley.

To earn the title, each participant had to show a pig, steer, and sheep. Showmanship is based on the knowledge of the species; how the participant shows the animal, following directions, moving the animal, setting up, stopping, control and safety of the animal, and the attention given to the judge and animal; and the appearance of the club member, clean and neat, prompt, alert, confident, and courteous.

Congratulations to each of these individuals. The winner of the Senior Master Showmanship won a belt buckle, $100 cash award and the opportunity to attend the Master Showmanship contest at the Illinois State Fair.

The senior runner up won a $50 cash award. The Junior Master Showmanship winner won a belt buckle and a $50 cash award. The junior runner up won a $25 cash award.

Cash awards were sponsored by Hackbarth Farms. Belt buckles were sponsored by Maplehurst Farms, Inc., and the Ogle County Farm Bureau.

4-H is an informal youth education program conducted by University of Illinois Extension.  U of I Extension provides equal opportunities in programs and employment.  If you need reasonable accommodations to participate in 4-H, contact the Ogle County Extension staff at 815-732-2191.

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