By Christopher Johnson

On Monday night Winnebago Board Trustees and Village President Frank Eubank were scheduled to pick up updates, on how updates to the municipal infrastructure have been progressing.

Representatives with Fehr Graham, the Village of Winnebago’s engineering purveyor, explains how things are moving forward with improving the overall citizen experience, monthly.

Revealing the current state of things under and across the village’s limits is a regular feature on the monthly agendas. Time is set aside to learn what has to be done and about how much it will setback taxpayers to assure action is taken..

Expenses, which village officials must approve, add up and with more and more work required as the Village of Winnebago continues enhancing infrastructure, approvals on large scale activities must be managed.

Costs to evaluate situations before progress on improvement of the specific point of concern could costs tens of thousands of dollars each time.

As the summer began, as officials with the Winnebago Village Board worked through safety measures in a much less in-person capacity, a fairly regular expense was addressed.

Engineering for a required water main project had to be done. An approval had to be given to use line item dollars to cover the cost. A measure was presented to allow paperwork to be drawn up on the best way to proceed.

The Motion stated that the cost to check out the area and research what needed to be done would be approved, if it stayed below $20,000.

To set a specific mark, Trustee McKinon approved engineering expense 51-44-532, not to exceed $19,500.

Since the June 13 decision, projects such as water main maintenance or replacement, roadwork and sidewalk issues have received the required prep time and action period.

The public planning sessions are presented, with action clarified monthly, during the Village of Winnebago’s schedule of activity on meeting nights.

The August 8 meeting of the Village of Winnebago’s Board of Trustees featured a loaded schedule with a lot of time spent on discussion about fixing up what needs to be, and putting things in place for future business opportunities.

Listed as a topic of major importance under New Business related to the establishment of a Resolution Authorizing the Village President to Execute the Engagement Letter with HMI, INC, which received initial release in 2017.

 The measure to empower Eubank to represent the Village of Winnebago in a statement expressing interest in the design of a Hotel Feasibility Study had received support in Committee.

It was supported by majority approval of Members on the Winnebago Village Board.

Because of a consistent statement being made as the regular vote showcases, economic development gets the chance to move forward with the potential of new opportunities waiting.

The concept of the construction of a hotel or, potentially, multiple hotels, has crossed the minds of many travelers who look for a layover location, ahead of journeys into the Illinois Northwest or Rockford shopping districts.

Residents who wish to present their own ideas as to what the Village of Winnebago could do are encouraged to contact the Winnebago Village Clerk’s Office for details.

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