During the Nov. 7 city council meeting, Loves Park aldermen approved three resolutions:

*A resolution authorizing the mayor “to execute an agreement settling certain claims with Capital Development, LLC,” was passed.

The resolution reads as follows: “…a Resolution to enter into a Settlement Agreement with Capital Development, LLC, the owner of the building formerly housing Gia’s Live Music Club.

This building was condemned several years ago because of extensive Building Code violations, and we filed suit against the owner to collect fines for the violations.

The building has now been sold on an installment purchase plan and the new owner has corrected the Code violations and opened a new business, which will generate sales tax revenue for the City. As a result of these developments, we have negotiated a settlement with Capital Development and have, as a condition, that if they do not pay, the City receives the installment payments from the new owner so that we have some security.

We have already received the first $2,000 check and the agreement for $25,000 at $2,000 will be satisfied within 13 months.”

*A resolution authorizing Motor Fuel Tax (MFT) funds in an amount not to exceed $504,000 was approved for appropriation “for the purpose of maintaining streets and highways under the provisions of the Illinois Highway Code from Jan. 1, 2023 through Dec. 31, 2023.”

This resolution also states: “The Loves Park Chief of Police or his designee is directed to take such actions as may be necessary to dispose of the Rock Valley College Disposal identified in Exhibit A by way of disposal to Rock Valley College, a community college. Given that the Donated Property has no further value to the City, the City shall not require payment in exchange for such disposal.

*The Loves Park Chief of Police or his designee is hereby authorized to take any and all actions necessary to direct the disposal of the Disposed Property to Rock Valley College, a community college, provided that such entity would perceive value in the items and the receipt of which would be deemed in the best interest of the entity.

*The Disposed Property is comprised of a 2017 Ford Interceptor SUV police equipped, which has been completely emptied. If any other items are located within the vehicle they will remain as the property of the City of Loves Park.”

A resolution authorizing the water department manager to purchase a used 2020 Ford F150 from Elgin Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram for the cost of $39,954.24 was approved.

One ordinance, first reading, passed authorizing the disposal of surplus personal property owned by the city was approved.

Due to a cancelled council meeting Oct. 31, two sets of fire and of police department reports were given:

From Oct. 16-22, the police department received 490 calls for service, made 238 arrests, and responded to six accidents.

From Oct. 23-29, there were 450 calls received, 88 arrests made, and nine accidents responded to by officers.

The street department employees have been working on getting city trucks ready for snow removal duties, sweeping street, finishing up catch basin repairs, trimming and clearing the alley between Clifford Ave. and Belteberg Road, street sweeping, and other tasks.

The water department workers, besides other duties, repaired water main breaks in the 900 block of E. Riverside Blvd., at 7920 N. Alpine Road, and at 5955 Mabbott Dr., installed a “sample station” at 5051 Forest Hills Ct., and installed a temporary storm sewer for testing well discharge at Well No. 7,

Per the fire department weekly report covering Oct. 18-24, the department responded to one “Excessive heat, scorch burns with no ignition” report; 61 EMS incidents; one combustible/spill/leak call; two persons in distress calls; two smoke or odor calls; five dispatched but cancelled enroute responses; three wrong location, no emergency found calls; one false alarm call; one system or detector malfunction call; and two unintentional system detect operation (no fire) calls.

During the week of Oct. 25-31, the department responded to one structure fire call; 50 EMS incidents; one “lock-in call;” one combustible/spill/leak call; one chemical release reaction or toxic condition call; one “other service” call; one water problem call; one  smoke or odor problem; six public service assistance calls; one dispatched but cancelled enroute call; one wrong location call; three steam or gas calls; and one false alarm call.

Anyone wishing to speak at the city council meeting shall contact the Mayor’s office by 4 p.m. the Friday before the council meeting at 815-654-5030.

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