Back in May, the Illinois State Police arrested Pecatonica Police Sergeant Jeffrey Stacy on the following charges (according to a criminal complaint) — two counts each of Intimidation (Class 3 Felony); Official Misconduct/Forbidden Act (Class 3 Felony); and Disorderly Conduct (Class C Misdemeanor), along with one count of Electronic Harassment/Obscene Proposal (Class B Misdemeanor).

More bad news was to come with connections to Pecatonica.

The village’s recently appointed police chief, Mike Mund, was arrested following a two-car crash on the evening of Oct. 16 in the vicinity of Springfield Ave. and Montague Road in Rockford.

Mund had replaced former Chief Bob Smith the previous month.

Before taking the job of chief, Mund held the position of Pecatonica’s chief executive safety officer for a short time after Chief Smith left.

At the accident site, Rockford police noticed on Oct. 16 a strong odor of alcohol, although Mund denied that he had been drinking, and he refused a field sobriety test and would not give breath samples, whereupon he was arrested.

Nov. 8 was the date set for a court date.

Chief Mund had been elected to office in April of 2021 with a term to expire in 2025.

Another incident associated with Pecatonica has to do with the discovery of missing funds from the Jesse A. Barloga American Legion Post No. 197.

Post Commander Joe Musso explained recently that former village president Bill Smull… and also financial advisor and treasurer for the Legion, was requested to turn over a computer recently purchased by Legion members for treasurer records and

costing $800-$1,200 dollars were told by Smull that “the computer was gone,” therefore Smull had no records to turn over to the Legion.

Musso explained that the missing dollar amount “is in the thousands.”

As treasurer, records had to be kept but with no records, the Legion isn’t even exactly sure how much money is missing.

The next step was for postcards sent to each member of the American Legion advising that “a Legion Trial” was being called for among the approximate 135 members to discuss the situation.

The investigation is at this point ongoing, Musso said, and could last another two months.

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