Small businesses are the backbone of every community. The Village of Rockton started off this year with a special event on Nov. 26, in celebration of Small Business Saturday and a new branding for downtown Rockton. In the parking lot of Rockton Food and Spirits a dance party allowed young and young at heart to dance with the Yeti who made an early appearance this year. Bright green cloth bags were given out along with freebies. A new logo is on the front of these and on plastic bags reading, “Down Town Rockton.”

Adding to all of the fun options tags were given out to be used on local “Love” trees where notes could be left for a favorite local shop, a local friend, or a loved one. Messages and trees can be seen in front of the Rockton Village Hall.

Event Organizer Village Planning and Development Administrator Tricia Diduch had a goal to fill these trees with love and kindness.

Rockton Food and Spirits was chosen as the party spot to celebrate it being under new ownership.

Stores, restaurants, and establishments were bustling with shoppers and those who took a break to have food or beverages.

The idea for branding Rockton’s downtown started months ago. The Village of Rockton backed the idea, which was first pitched by Diduch. After approval was given to look into options to make this possible the village formed a partnership with “We are Neighbor.” In the works is a future website. A Downtown Rockton Facebook page is up and running complete with interesting information on past and upcoming events.

In November the annual Jingle Bell Rockton proved to be fun for everyone.

Thirteen businesses have organized a “Rock’ N Down  to Christmas”  event. When visiting different participating stores fill out an entry form.

This will lead one lucky winner to win a daily prize from a drawing starting on Dec. 10 at After the Vine.

Market by Moonlight is returning on Friday, Dec. 23, where a final drawing for a grand prize will take place.

The second Thursday of every month “Ladies Nights” bring various forms of fun to Rockton.

Jill Rae Finally Art welcomed local artist Jerry Jacobs and his “California Dream’n on Such a Winter’s Day Artists Reception.” Jacobs had prize drawings for three mugs that he masterfully designed. He announced winners on a Facebook live event.

Jacobs has created an eye -catching display of colorful, psychedelic pieces and a scrapbook showing many of his other styles including artwork on Christmas cards.

Though Rockton’s downtown was one of the main focuses of the day, there are over 30 businesses in the community; a nice majority of these are female or family owned.

Two of Rockton’s newest stores are Truly Treasured Gift n Thrift and Home in Rockton. Each provides a nice array of unique items.

When supporting a locally owned business by shopping small, you are helping a family, or an individual live their dream while providing for what they need.

Small business Saturday was founded in 2010 by American Express. Since its inception this day continues to honor those who own small businesses through customer support.

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