By Chris Johnson

News Correspondent

Making a decision on how much money would be asked for to prepare for the upcoming fiscal year was addressed by members of the Byron City Council during its Dec. 7 scheduled meeting. Action on the tax levy entered the solidification stage.

With the City allowed to request an amount up to a certain percentage over the previous fiscal year’s allotment, a public hearing isn’t always required. In accordance with administrative policies, the deadline of the final Tuesday of the year, Dec. 27, came with approval on the tax levy as mandated by Illinois State Statute.

The City collects its funds through various taxable properties such as residential, commercial and in applicable cases, agricultural and industrial means. Council Members had to figure out how much they could ask for and they determined that by looking at what they asked for and received last fiscal year. Typically, governmental entities just ask for the same as the previous year, plus a little more. The CPI and EAV impact it.

Many reports say things are worth a little bit more now than they were just a few years ago. Statistical increases are being reported in wider scales. The Consumer Price Index is feeling an influence and it seems more funding might be available down the line. Staying within the confines of what is needed was the first step accomplished by the Byron City Council during its December meeting. They had to ask for the money. Now it has to figure out ways to split the funding up. Budgets are being addressed.

Council Members will now look at the next few steps in the administration policy as they delve into determining which projects can be done, based on how much tax revenue will actually be generated and submitted for distribution. Now as the deadline for filing the annual tax levy has come and gone, attention turns towards budgets and future planning.

During the Community Services Meeting, prior to the regular, monthly get together, Council, Members were brought up to date on the plans for the 2017 Street Maintenance Program.