By Kathryn Menue


For weeks, the high scores’ list for Concordia Lanes Junior Bowling League remained consistent with the same six bowlers making the list for both the Saturday league and the Monday league.

For the past few rounds of play, the high scores chart has welcomed some new names to list.

For instance, in the Saturday, March 11 league, the Bantams had newcomer Remy Gifford score a 94 game with a 187 series, topping out everyone except usual high scores’ list member Mason Kahl. Kahl ended the day with a 115 game and a 203 series.

The Preps division saw a new face on the list with Brock Ellingson who beat out the other boys with a 172 game and a 347 series. Even the girls’ high scorer couldn’t come close to Ellingson’s domination of the division. Mollie Jones had the top spot for the girls with a 132 game and a 349 series.

In the Junior/Majors category, Joe Gallagher wowed crowds with his command over all of the other players with a 236 game and a 615 series. The next one on the list was about 50 points behind him. Rachel Nelson finished the day with a 183 game and a 515 series.

However, in the Monday, March 13 meeting of the Junior Bowling League, regulars kept their spots on top of the high scores’ list.

Starting with the Bantams category, Brooklynn Wilkinson still scored the highest with a 101 game and a 190 series. Coming in second place was Noel Capodanno who finished with a 77 game and a 140 series.

In the Preps division, Maci McCoy has kept up her stride with a 130 game and a 338 series. For the boys, Chad Morgan finished with another impressive game of a 168 with a 460 series.

In the Junior/Majors, Morgan Dawley represented the girls on the high scores’ list with a 178 game and a 482 series. Topping out over all of the competitors Monday night was Kevin Jenks. Jenks has been a regular on the high scores’ list for the past few weeks, and with the high scores he’s been presenting, he will continue to dominate the competition for weeks to come unless another strong bowler comes out of the woodworks to challenge him. As for now, he sits comfortably at the top with a 226 game and a 586 series.  He ends the night with almost 50 more pins than his counterpart on the Junior/Majors high scores’ list. Plus, he ended with over 100 series points more than his competitor in the division.

For Monday’s matchups on the lane, Jenks is a force to be reckoned with.