At the May 15 South Beloit City Council meeting, commissioners voted to bring former Commissioner Sonya Baden onboard to fill out the remaining term of Commissioner Jeff Redieske, who recently resigned because he relocated out of the city.
When the late Mayor Mike Duffy unexpectedly died, Alice Schoonover was appointed mayor to fill out his term. Schoonover and the council at that time appointed Baden to fill out Schoonover’s term so she comes with council experience.
In conjunction with this change, Mayor Ted Rehl reassigned Public Health and Safety Commissioner Tom Fitzgerald to “Streets and Public Improvements,” the position left vacant by Redieske’s leaving.
Commissioner Linda Chambers stays over Accounts and Finance. Commissioner Lori Duffy is now over “Public Health and Safety,” and Baden will be over “Public Properties.”
Redieske was present at the meeting to receive

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