By Marianne Mueller
Back on June 12 the Rockton Village Board listened as three Streetscape consultants presented ideas. Ayres Associates, Fehr Graham and Teska&Associates each gave a brief background of the company, former or current projects, experience and the scope of work. Representatives were introduced.
Based on a scoring matrix Trustees voted to award the streetscape contract to Teska& Associates. The official vote was taken on July 5.
Jodi Mariano, Project Manager of Teska& Associates reminded Village Board members, “We have worked with the Village in the past. We have a unique perspective and believe in community outreach. The community is the stakeholder. Once they have been made aware they should have some impact of what the plan should be.”
An informational packet included photos of work completed on streetscapes in Evanston, Lemont, North Aurora Riverfront Development, and River Street in Batavia, Ill. Lawrence Avenue-Chicago, a downtown streetscape in Huntley and one in Ellinwood in Des Plaines, Ill.
Photos of Glendale Heights and Orlando Park Identity and signage plans were featured.
Rockton has a history of different types of designs of streetscapes over a period of time. Signs and signage and branding of a project were listed as one area of importance. “You identify with your branding,” said Mariano. Designing a logo was one example of branding.
“It is worthwhile to do master planning and to do it as efficiently and quickly as we can,” said Mariano. “We would want to work in coordination with IDOT to match designs. Parking recommendations would help to create more sidewalk space.
Safety, streets and sidewalks, water and sanitary service and top desired infrastructure items were all looked into as part of a community survey recap. Results show that 65%would like to see sidewalk patios. landscape and planters – 62%, benches/seating – 57%, and wayfinding signage – 51%.
People, places, recreation, events like the Rockton River Market and embracing the waterfront were identified under the heading “Community Identity and character.”
Mariano posed these questions. “How can we have

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