By Jean Seegers
Ty Miller, Project Manager at MCM Environmental Services in Rockton has been testing the wells at Robert Cross Park on Hononegah Road at the request of the Roscoe Township Board. Currently the water at the park is used to irrigate the grass and ball fields. However, there was concern that the water was not safe to drink and could be a danger to those using the ball fields.
Miller reported his findings at the Sept. 20, Board meeting.
“Yes, we do have potable water. (The sample) passed all the criteria,” Miller said. “However, to insure that the water is safe to drink, it has to be tested continuously. Miller’s recommendation to the Board was to get the EPA involved to do the testing.
Miller said the main worry was that the tests would reveal high amounts of Tetrachloroethylene. Lab results did not con-firm that the amount in the water was significantly high at the time of testing.
The only chemical that was elevated was Nitrate, which measured at 4.9. Miller said the cause was probably run-off from near-by farms.
The land where the park and surrounding subdivision is located was designated as a Superfund site until 2012. The EPA decided, at that point, to let nature take care of it.
A superfund site is defined as

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