By Bob Balgemann
Improving the village’s roads is an ongoing process and it has been in the works since the Build Machesney pro-gram started in 2008.
The next phase is coming up and officials are beginning to take the necessary steps to make it happen during the 2018 construction season.
Members of the public improvement and safety committee (PISC) are recommending approval of two recon-struction projects, as well as path improvements in the Mitchell Road area. Here are the proposed projects:
* Scott Lane, Cadet Road and Juniper Lane, with three goals being set for this improvement.
The first one is to extend storm water management to Cadet and Juniper, as those roads are known to experience frequent flooding.
The second is to rebuild Scott between Heron Drive and Juniper, and Juniper between Cadet and Mildred Road to a curb and gutter standard. Reconstruction also would include storm water management systems.
The third and final goal is to make spot repairs to the curbing and sidewalks, as needed, and to provide a new driving surface for Cadet between Harlem Road and Heron, Juniper between Cadet and Scott, and Scott, between Harlem and Juniper.
* Improvements to Orlando Avenue and to the Mitchell Road multi-use path.
Scope of these projects is to rebuild Orlando between Story Brook and Melbourne, and to provide a new multi-use path along the west side of Mitchell between Anjali Way and Silo Ridge Park. They are being combined as one project as they are relatively close to each other. Also, combining them will save on engineering costs and, officials hope, will lead to a decrease in construction costs as well.
The multi-use path will be connected with the existing sidewalk/path systems for various nearby subdivisions as well as Rock Cut State Park.
Orlando Avenue will be reconstructed to a curb

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