By Bob Balgemann


Twelve streets around the city have made the list of those that will be resurfaced later this year.

Aldermen saw the candidates during their Committee of the Whole meeting Jan. 8.

Public Works Director Brent Anderson said the current budget has $500,000 in it for this work. He asked the committee to look it over and get back to him with questions. A recommendation will be sought at the February meeting.

He said the sooner this is done the sooner he’ll be able to get the paperwork to the Illinois Department of Transportation for review and approval. He’s hoping to go to bid in early spring. State Motor Fuel Tax will be used for the work, which is estimated to cost $506,000.

Here’s the list:

Arterial/collector streets

Newburg Road from Ipsen to Shaw, 2,625 linear feet.

Residential streets

West Fourth St. from 10th Avenue to Columbia, 875 linear feet.

Distillery Road from Business 20 to River Run, 5,650 linear feet.

Gateway Center Dr. from Chrysler to Farmington Way, 2,250 linear feet.

Willow St. from Warren to the end, 1,320 linear feet.

East Second St. from Fremont to Caswell, 200 linear feet.

Van Buren St. from Lincoln to Menomonie, 1,690 feet.

Blaine St. from Madison to Jackson, 1,050 linear feet.

Bennett St. from Lincoln to Madison, 600 linear feet.

Glen Elms Dr. from Fremont to Whitney, 1,100 linear feet.

Elmwood Dr. from East to Glen Elms, 870 linear feet.

Cedardale Dr. from Elmwood to Bellwood, 300 linear feet.

Alderman Mark Sanderson wondered about Gateway Center Dr. He said it hasn’t been all that long since Wal-Mart was built and he wanted to look at construction standards for that road and, possibly, others.

He also asked about Distillery Road. “Do we own all that?” he said, referring to


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