Bobby Figinsky’s Aunt Leah, his Mother Jenessa, Father, Robert Sr., and his brother, Billy were joined by other family and friends in celebrating and remembering the life of Bobby who would have turned 15 on March 1. The family treated guests to pizza, beverages and cupcakes while sharing stories, and looking photos of Bobby and alien decorations.


Family, friends celebrate and remember life of Bobby Figinsky
By Marianne Mueller
Balloons, alien decorations and photo boards are all reminders of the life of a young man who is fondly remembered every day. In memory and in honor of what would have been Bobby Figinsky’s 15th birthday around 80 friends and family gathered to remember the life of Bobby at the Pizza Ranch in Roscoe.
Bobby Figinksy died as a result of being struck by a car as he and a friend were walking along Hononegah Road in October of 2017. Bobby was known for being creative, music, art and Science. He had a special place in his heart for his cat Simon and had a way of making others feel special.
Many wore sweatshirts reading, “Justice for Bobby, March 1, 2004-Oct.15, 2017. T-Shirts show a celestial scenes, a lime green alien with the name Bobby appearing in bright orange on the aliens t-shirt with the words “We Believe” on top. The back has the words, “Justice for Bobby and the same dates as the sweatshirts.
Figinsky’s Aunt Leah co-wrote lyrics to a song with her daughter Haley Peryer. “We used ideas of what to add into the lyrics related to things about Bobby, “said Peryer. Emotions stirred as music played along with the lyrics to the song, “I Think about You Every Day.” The date on the bottom of this original piece is March 1, 2019. The dedication is “From friends of #JusticeForBobby.
Moods lifted as party guests enjoyed pizza, pop, cupcakes and pure friendship. Bobby’s friends burst into cheerful song at times and lots of laughter followed.
To date no charges have been filed against the driver who caused the accident. Since the night of the accident; now over a year ago, Bobby’s Mother Jenessa continues seeking answers and justice for her son. “The battle started at the hospital where we were trying to make sure that all of the evidence was properly gathered, then we continued talks with the detective on the case, and a call to his Supervisor when it became clear that were being dismissed; which went nowhere. “ Figinsky said. “This progressed to two meetings with the States Attorney where I gave them the dash cam footage. Then we had four meetings with the Sherriff’s Department and another with the State’s Attorney; ending with no charges.”
“I don’t feel that they listened to anything we said in favor of rehashing the police reports that we know have a lot of incorrect information in them. “ Discrepancies are shown in the time that the crash occurred. Their official report shows that the crash happened at 7:15 p.m. but the first 911 call came in at 6:44 p.m.
“So many things were missed including a timely blood draw, the full scope of the debris field where Bobby’s body was and the inability to determine where the tire tracks came from.”
“Sadly, we will never get the justice that Bobby deserves. We are a driving society and pedestrians and bicyclists are seen as nuisances, “Figinsky said. It helps our officials sleep at night to put the fault on the pedestrians because then it takes the responsibility off of the people they most closely identify with, the drivers. “They say, “It’s just the way it has always been. “
Jenessa’s sights for justice remain the same. “All I am asking is that a ticket be issued for failure to avoid a crash that resulted in a death. It is a misdemeanor traffic charge. I just want some record and acknowledgement on the driver’s record. I feel it is unacceptable that a person can hit two children and that there is no record of it happening.”
“Legally we are pretty much at a stalemate. The State’s Attorney is saying that it is the Sheriff’s job to give a ticket and the Sheriff’s Department says all charges are the responsibility of the States Attorney, Figinsky adds. “My frustration with the legal system is unending and unbearable,” shares Figinsky. ”
“The celebration for Bobby was wonderful. As time goes on life gets busy and it’s easy to feel alone. I know that we have a lot of support and so bringing everyone together is a reminder for me of just how loved Bobby is and is a way for me to say Thank You to everyone who continues to support us.”

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