McTeacher’s Night
The Trippco McDonald’s in Byron, hosted Highland Elementary’s McTeacher’s Night on Tuesday, April 23. Highland staff enjoyed stepping into the role of McDonald’s employees and local families came out in droves to support our great schools. Everyone at Highland Elementary would like to extend a huge thank you to all those who were involved with the organization and success of such a great night. Thank you to the great staff at McDonalds, specifically Blake Horras, who patiently helped the Highland staff work the drive-thu line, the counter, and expedite food. Thank you as well to Mrs. Courtney Jones of Highland Elementary School for organizing this great night again. We are proud to have been able to raise $775.22 for our school PBIS program which helps fund our student store, student programs, and events within the school that support students and their learning. Thank you again to all who attended and helped make this another great event!

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