Teachers and staff were celebrated the week of May 6- 10 with weeklong special activities hosted by the Rockton PTO. Parents and students brought treats in every day.

Teachers, staff recognized as ‘Super Heroes’ in Rockton School District
By Marianne Mueller
Super Heroes come in all shapes, sizes. In the Rockton School District they come in the form of teachers and staff who help to shape the lives and futures of students. Celebrating those who give of themselves in their profession were Rockton Grade School, Whitman Post Elementary, and Stephan Mack Middle School.
Weeklong fun was organized by the Rockton PTO who set up a mission. The week of May 6-10 a variety of activities allowed student, teacher and staff involvement to show appreciation for work done during the school year.
Students and staff dressed to fit a daily theme. On Monday, students were “As Proud as Captain America.” All were asked to wear red, white and blue. On Tuesday capes were the special garment of the day to show being “As fearless as Superman or Supergirl.”
Students completed the “I think you are Super because… form and passed it along to a staff member. WPES student Clare Turner has a high respect of teachers and staff. Turner had written 13 notes expressing appreciation. She also made Rice Krispie treats and passed them out to teachers.
Mid-week fun came on Wednesday wear students wore green to appear “As Strong as the Hulk.”
Thursday students imagined they were “As Fast as Flash.” Each wore their favorite running shoes and clothes. Additionally pictures were drawn or notes of appreciation were written to present to a staff member.
Friday found students and staff dressed in any Superhero shirt to be as “Super as the RSD#140 staff.
Events in the staff lounge invited everyone to fly to the lounge for a power popcorn bar with refreshments, a “Hero Lunch” complete with hero sandwiches, chips and desert, and a “Brave Breakfast” on Friday.
Every day a trivia question was asked about Rockton Schools in the staff lounges. Prizes were awarded from local businesses and individuals for those displaying knowledge on various subjects.
“Both of my kids go to RGS. We love that school,” parent Stephanie Merten said. “This year I would have to say that I’m so impressed by Autumn’s first grade teacher because she is so supportive of the “Blue Family.
“The email’s, projects and many other things she has done to show her support on top of just being a phenomenal teacher is amazing to me,” lauds Merten. “A lot of times people do not always back the police or are too afraid to. When you see someone that is with your child five days a week, seven plus hours a day show that support is it just wonderful. Out of her 21 students, I believe at least four have at least one parent that is in law enforcement. Her name is Mrs. Spors and we love her!”
“Working for this district has been a dream comes true so far. I feel so proud to be part of a community of teachers that works tirelessly to make sure that each and every student has the tools to be successful,” said Taylor Lewis who was a new teacher at WPES this year. “I definitely feel at home here. I could go on and on about the Administration, staff and families that have made my first year unforgettable.”
WPES Fifth grader Jack Lawyer said that he loves the idea of teacher appreciation itself. “I think it is really important to show teachers how much we appreciate them because they do so much for us.” Jack’s Mom, Jennifer says, “He loves all of the teachers he has had in the Rockton School district, but Anita Stiffler who is retiring this year is very special to him.” Jack’s brother Cooper is a second grader at RGS. “I especially enjoyed the jokes and trivia questions the week of teacher appreciation,” Jack said. “His favorite teacher is his current teacher, Adrienne King, because she does really fun activities and lets them eat marshmallows,” Jennifer said.
“All of the parents brought treats all week,” WPES School Principal Megan Forsythe said.
“I truly enjoy this week as it allows me to reflect and be truly grateful for the dedication and commitment of our teachers and staff,” RGS Principal Kindyl Etnyre said. “Our staff’s care goes beyond the classroom and it shows! We are very fortunate that our families recognize this care and share their gratitude also.”
“We had a wonderful week and felt so loved and appreciated! We were so thankful for the hard work that was put into the week,” SMMS Principal Autumn Czizek said.

Forsythe adds, “Our incredible teachers and staff are a wonderful reason to celebrate. They deserve this week of recognition and appreciation, #rocktonpride.”

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