Librarian Lauri Evans, has implemented the Millionaire Reading Club at RMS. She is seated with this year’s top readers: Angeline Redisi – third place with 5,716.214 (L-R) Charles Pickvance – second place with 5,870.233 words, and Greyson Cotone, the top reader with 8,682.881.

Roscoe Middle School students participate in Millionaire Reading Club
By Jean Seegers
Sixth, seventh and eighth grade students in the RMS Millionaire Reading Club celebrated their achievements with an end of the school year breakfast a few weeks ago.
The program encourages middle school students to read by participating in the reading club. Para-professional Librarian Laurie Evans has over-seen the reading program since its inception and has taken it to a higher level each year.
Beginning each Fall, students begin keeping track of how much they read during the school year. A computer program keeps track of how many words each participating student reads. They are tested after finishing each book. Kids in all three grades are eligible to participate.
Joining the Millionaire Club is an option. However, all RMS students are required to be in the Accelerated Reading Program as part of their language arts grade.
Each teacher makes a goal for individual students. “Some students go far and beyond their goals,” Evans said.
Greyson Cotone was the top reader this year with 8,682.881 points. Second place was Charles Pickvance – 5,870,233. Angeline Redisi came in third with 5,716.214.
Evans and her students celebrated their achievement with a breakfast of doughnuts and juice.

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