Alfredo Ramirez receives the keys to his newly won vehicle from EZ Auto sales associate Gary Saladino.

Local car dealership gives away an automobile
By Doug Schroder
Around 150 to 200 people participated in the chance to win an automobile in a give away contest at EZ Auto Sales, 602 Windsor Road in Machesney Park, on Sunday, June 2.
People started showing up at the dealership as early as 9 a.m. to ensure getting a spot at one of three vehicles offered to the winner. Becky Hendrickson and her son, both of which reside in Machesney Park, were two people who showed up two hours early for the contest that was slated to start at 11 a.m.
EZ Auto Sales owner Jason Rees, who also held an automobile give-away in 2014, looked forward to getting the contest started. To make sure things went smoothly he employed the use of seven staff members to observe and help out for what could have been a very long contest.
“We’ll be here as long as it takes,” stated Rees.
The contest started promptly at 11 a.m. with the contestants taking their places at one of the three vehicles offered to the winner. The three vehicles offered were older models and included a Honda Accord, an Audi A6, and a Ford Expedition. Contestants were then instructed to place their right hand upon on a vehicle, and the wait began to see whom would be the last person standing with their hand still on the vehicle.
The beautiful sunny weather, coupled with a light breeze, made it much easier on the contestants. After a while Rees would try and eliminate contestants by saying things like, “Who wants to win a vehicle? Raise your hand.”
To ensure all attending did not have to suffer too greatly, Rees provided pizza and drinks.
It wasn’t just locals who came to came to the event, which was only advertised on social media. One lady, Latosha McCarthy, and her boyfriend, Ernest Taylor, came all the way from DeKalb to try and win a vehicle.
“I wasn’t doing anything today. I wanted to win a car for my son. He’s on the football team at NIU and needs a car,” said McCarthy.
McCarthy’s son is Brian Jay Ross and is a redshirt freshman on the NIU football team.
At around 1 p.m. Rees decided to make the contest a little harder by having contestants lift their left foot and stand only on their right leg. That started eliminating contestants.
Shortly thereafter Rees instructed contestants to place their left hand upon their head, all the while keeping the left foot up off the ground. Contestants were then eliminated in much larger numbers.
With the last of the contestants still hanging in there, Rees made the last requirement. Contestants now had to rise up on the tiptoe of their right foot.
Contestants quickly dropped out. When it was all done only 17-year old Alfredo Ramirez, of Rockford, was standing.
“I just found out about this last night around 9 or 10 p.m. My mom wasn’t going to let me come today. My car is in the shop, so this is perfect timing,” said Ramirez.
Ramirez chose the Audi A6 to take home. Both he and his mother were very glad she let him come.

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