By Doug Schroder
A new business debuted at the Farmers Market in Winnebago on Friday, June 7, as Rustic Oven Wood Fired Pizza was there, cranking out pizzas that take only about 90 seconds to cook. Thanks to a few social media posts, customers started showing up shortly after the 4 p.m. start time, and the flow was steady until all of the pizzas were gone by about 6:30. Some customers were turned away after that. Just under 100 pizzas were sold.
Reviews were good from customers that did get a piece of the pie. Words were heard like “delicious” and “great pizza” from feedback provided. This reporter tried a pizza topped with sausage, pepperoni and mushroom, and yes, I also concur it was delicious.
Each pie is 10″ in diameter with six different kinds offered, plus one specialty pizza each week. Last week the specialty pizza was Barbeque Chicken, which included BBQ sauce, mozzarella cheese, roasted chicken, and sweet onions.
Bob and Heidi Miller, of Winnebago, are the owners of this new business venture, who along with their son Nathan prepare and make the pies.
The Millers first heard about Rustic Oven Wood Fired pizzas several years ago when they were up in New Glarus, WI one weekend at a Farmers Market. Someone there had one of the ovens and was selling pizzas. The couple watched and observed the operation to see what was being done, then went home and checked out the website.
The following Wednesday they traveled along with their son to a Farmers Market in Verona, WI, where they bought pizzas and fell in love with it.
“From that moment on we decided at some point in time we were going to do it,” said Bob.
The opportunity came up last fall where the Millers could buy an oven. The people who they first saw in New Glarus were selling their oven. Heidi had kept in touch with the family and found out the oven was just sitting in a garage. Heidi asked them if they would like to sell the oven. They said they would sell to the right person. Heidi asked if she and her husband were the right people. The reply was yes.
The Millers have been working out of the kitchen at Seward Community Center in preparing the food and making the dough. They tried several different recipes for the dough before deciding on the current recipe. They have also made their own sausage for the toppings, and make everything fresh.
Based on last week’s experience the Millers will be sure to bring more to the Farmers Market this week. They appreciated everyone’s patience in the first week as they worked through the kinks.
The Farmers Market in Winnebago is next to the library on Elida Road, with hours running from 4 to 7 p.m. every Friday through October. The Millers plan on being there every week. Space for additional vendors is available.

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