Pecatonica Historical Society President Micheal Eaton explains the importance of the Civil War muster to PHS members Marge Bauch and Vi Johns.

The May 1865 muster lists the 33 survivors of the 94 men and women of Pecatonica who enlisted in Company B of the Union Army in April 1861. Citizens of all walks of life became soldiers and risked everything for a belief that the United States should remain as one country in which everyone is free.
This precious piece of Pecatonica history will be on display from 2 to 5 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 10 at the Pecatonica Public Library. Special presentations will be given by reenactor Derek Squires, a Pecatonica native and Civil War historian, at 2:30 and 3:30.
Also, enjoy displays of Civil War drums, photographs of local ancestors, and military items. You might have ancestors who have signed the muster.
Brief history of company B’s Pecatonica Muster
Just imagine that 154 years ago this Civil War muster was being delivered to a group of tired, bewildered Union soldiers who were waiting for their discharge orders in Nashville for two weeks! After going home with probably one of the Company B sergeants, it was housed in Sawtelle, California.
A rare stamp and book dealer of Denver, Colorado purchased it, but decided to sell it in 2018 online. A member of the Pecatonica Historical Society made a bid and purchased the muster.
The USPS delivered the fragile piece of history to Pecatonica and historical society president Micheal Eaton eagerly started to research how to refurbish the huge sheet of paper. He contacted Sharon Welton, director of Stephenson County Historical Museum. She donated many hours of advice and assistance to the Pecatonica Historical Collections committee in photographing and cleaning up the muster.

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