By Marianne Mueller
Supervisor Paul Williams read correspondence from Rockton Village President, Dale Adams expressing interest creating a cooperative effort to obtain an extension of the bike path from Dorr Road to Hononegah High School; the first part of the July meeting.
It was said that there is money in the Townships park fund to help extend the bike path. A matching grant possibility was explained by Township Administrator, Sharon Hecox.
“The Village and Township is part of a program where they can qualify for a matching grant in an amount of $48,000,” Hecox said. ITEP cost sharing was also touched on as an option to be looked into.
Township Trustee Randy Johnson said, “We should see the prints of how the path is hooking up to the old bike path. Is there lighting there? Are they planning to remove the bike path they had put in already?” Johnson suggested that the Township invite Adams to the next meeting.
The Township voted talked about Legislative changes to the Prevailing Wage ordinance. This ordinance is approved annually and must match the IL. Department of Labor’s new wage law. More information is available on a website.
Under cemetery business stump grinding quotes were obtained by Sexton,” Ginger Eterno. “Several trees were dead and some stumps out there need to be ground down and they are level with the ground,” Eterno said.
Eterno told the board she has three estimates for stump grinding. Trustee Gene Herman asked if clean up comes with the cost of stump grinding. Eterno reported that cleanup will be done as part of the stump grinding job.
“Whoever does the job will have to contact JULIE,” Eterno said.
“We don’t need some of the ground stumps to be there,” said Johnson.” Eterno responded, “We will have to completely remove these. Options given from three estimates resulted in a unanimous vote of the Township board. They approved Stan’s Stumps to do the grinding with all related job duties at a cost of $280. “Things are now easier to mow and to maintain,” Eterno said.
The board reviewed taking action on a new camera as things came up missing out of the Township mailbox. Trustee Herman asked, “Can we move the mailbox?” Specific examples were given of items that went missing and came in a week later than expected. It was stated that by placing a camera in the right place it would catch anyone who might be taking the mail and to also protect the building. Contract questions were addressed. The Township has used Per Mar as their source for security devices with a lease to own. It was said that maintenance can be taken off because the Township owns the equipment.
The possibility of a 60-month contract also was addressed.
Trustee Johnson said, “We can change it month to month.” The option of changing batteries was asked about.
Trustee Troy Dull said, “You would want that wire or it would constantly run.” Trustee Herman replied, as long as it incorporates the things that Matt needs. “A motion carried to approve a new camera system.
Adopting cemetery rules for Amendments was next on the agenda. A limit of one adult, spacing rules or consideration of special needs or tragic accidents were among suggestions.
Johnson inquired, “Could a plot be bought back; probably no one is going to buy back a plot. Prices for plots in the Rockton Township Cemetery were compared to those of Sunset and come out much less expensive. “It was noted that Sunset does not buy back plots and that maybe two people could be connected. If buying back a plot Supervisor Williams said, “There would have to be proof that the family member owns it; they would need a death certificate.”
Herman suggested, “If someone calls the Township maybe they can be put on a list. “Comparison of different burial types was touched on along with other cemeteries allowing extra space to be purchased.
“The Auditor brought up a good point, that some cemeteries have perpetual care, and interest in upkeep at the

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