Sisters and Girl Scouts Hannah and Samantha Guffey experienced the wonder and fun of day camp.

By Marianne Mueller
Girl Scouts from Roscoe, Rockton, South Beloit and Machesney Park had a week of pure fun while learning about the combination of dinosaurs and science rounding out the last week of June.
Cross and Crown Lutheran Church was the place of a weeklong day camp. Campers welcomed a visit from a Representative of the Burpee Museum. They talked about dinosaurs and brought real fossils for scouts to see. The girls found out that there are only three types of dinosaurs and took part in “Dino Tracking.”
Different stations made room for plenty of learning opportunities. Hands on action happened with a fossil dig allowing the girls to find unique kinds. This activity was done in groups varying in size from 14 to 16 in a group.
Campers studied and sorted fossils and built terrariums. Volcanos were created from a few fun items.
Outdoors scouts cooked with pie irons. They did a science observation to see what type of things attract ants. Snail compare was a north-south-east-west learning activity.
More fun came in the form of “Popcorn Talk and displaying great imagination in skits.
Both adult and youth volunteers helped in different ways. Leader Erin Berry worked with Girl Scouts ages ranging from 7th grade to high school. “We as a Council have worked with Girl Scouts to give them what they needed to lead a small group; our training started in February and we started meetings,” Berry said.
Berry reflects on the camp. “Every day we opened with our Promise, Pledge and all Girl Scout traditions. We had a closing ceremony every day. At the end of the day we would have a sing along where the older girls would lead the younger ones in these songs. One of the songs was a modified version of the “Baby Shark” song to incorporate dinosaurs.”
Through data gathering projects creations such as baits for ant traps educated camp participants. “These were recorded as part of a scientific study which then becomes real data. This has been done all across the nation,” Berry said.
“We had 63 Girl Scouts and by the end of the camp 60 of the campers were able to enunciate what they wanted to say in their special “Take Action Project” Berry said. This project revolves around learning about scientists who work in specific areas and making a presentation for everyone to see. Some utilized games that they created and others used facts and pictures as aids. “It was really incredible how it exposed Girls Scouts to different type’s scientists,” Berry said.
“These programs have to be knowledge sustainable in education for Girls Scouts. They worked as a group and became a team. So much of today there isn’t a lot of space to disagree. When we have common ground things go very well. Seventh grade through high schoolers gave guidance thought activities and lead by example and strong leadership,” Berry said.
“All volunteers who helped with this day camp are parents or troop leaders. Camp took over 1,200 volunteers,” Berry said. Amada Guffey served as an “Activity Specialist. “I was on the planning committee and in charge of the activities. I made sure that all of the supplies were at the right stations to help everything run smoothly.”
Girl Scout Hannah Guffey reflects, “My favorite part of the week was Burpee Museum bringing in a speaker to discuss fossils and to give us details on dinosaurs.” She adds, “I loved the science behind it.”
Hannah’s sister Samantha was also a participant. “I loved learning about volcanoes. We did an experiment with baking soda, water, dish soap and used Gatorade bottles. We watched how they erupted; it was messy and fun,” Samantha said.
“I have been involved before on planning committees for camp, but this was by far the best one,” Amanda Guffey said. “In everything we do we always have learning experiences. I have learned a lot and hope to keep on learning right along with my girls and fellow volunteers.”
In addition to assuring camp supplies were in place Guffey found a new location when issues arose with the original location planned for the camp. She helped with the setting up process, clean up, training and listening to the girls who had to figure out any issues they may have had with their presentations. “Overall this camp was super fun and well organized. I cannot wait until our next adventure,” Guffey said.
A week of fun through education left Girl Scouts with awesome memories and a chance to earn a “Citizen Scientist Journey” Badge under this classification.

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