Football teams, coaches and assistant coaches cheer each other on.

By Marianne Mueller
Proving they are ready for some football hundreds of youths was the focus of the 2019 Opening Day Ceremonies of the Roscoe Rockton Lions Jr. Indians Football on Sunday, Aug. 11.
Fun music played in the background at Riverside Park in Roscoe setting an energetic mood while football teams and cheer squads eagerly awaited their time to be recognized.
All action rolled smoothly as RRL Jr. Indians Board member Adam May announced the day’s itinerary. He welcomed everyone to the ceremonies. “This is the first year in many years that we have been back at Riverside Park; We are back at our home, “May said.
Opening ceremonies began with all standing with hands held over hearts as our National Anthem played.
First to take the field were all football, teams, coaches, and assistant coaches. Each football player was introduced by name in classification of flyweight, lightweight, middleweight,JV Gold 4th Grade team, 6 and 7th Grade JV and 8th grade Varsity football. Under the skillful coaching of Matt Kentner the Varsity team earned a Championship win last season.
Next to hit the field was cheer squads, coaches and assistant coaches. Lil Indians, first and third grade Indianettes, Varsity Gold, (a new Varsity JV Gold Sideline cheer team) and the Xtreme Team came together to perform exciting and high energy routines.
The 2018 RRL Jr. Indian Princess Brianna Ware passed an arrow to 2019 Jr. Princess Marlee Jo Peterson. Joining the ladies on the field was “Big Chief.” Marlee Jo Peterson performed an electric routine wowing the crowd!
Special recognition was given to the Village of Roscoe and Public Works Supervisor, Wade Kretsinger for helping with preparation of Riverside Park. Sands Insurance received a great round of applause for being this year’s half time sponsor.
Allowing everyone a different opportunity to show support of the RRL Jr. Indians apparel was available for purchase at the Spirit Shak.
A family picnic rounded out a full and fun opening day for the families, guests and all who are part of the organization.
This season the RRL Jr. Indians Board of Directors has elected to leave the NIFC Conference and to join Rockford Public Schools 205 League at only the 7th and 8th grade levels.
By joining the RPS 205 League players are guaranteed that players have a chance to play; not just one or two plays but a full series of downs throughout each game. This encourages that the players each get a chance to develop in practice and in games while maintaining a fun football atmosphere.
The RPS League usually has seven or eight teams each season per division. This will provide the RRL a season of games against different opponents, and a season that is similar to the current NIC-10 schedule. Also new this year JV (7th and 8th grade division) is now playing seven-minute quarters while the 8th grade division plays eight-minute quarters.
Last year an option was added for all players to use a Protech Helmet shield, which reduces impact forces to the head by up to 72 percent.
Academic Eligibility requirements state that players must be passing five out of seven classes with a D grade or better at the end of the semester prior to the season start. Ongoing monitoring will be done with information being provided by Athletic Directors in schools to the RRL designee once a week throughout the football season.
The RRL Junior Indians organization is overseen by an all-volunteer Board of Directors who remained on the sidelines to allow players, cheerleaders and all related youth shine on opening day.

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