Scout Jesse Topper scrapes peeling paint in the front of the museum.

The May 1976 edition of the “Pecatonica News” reported that the Schoolhouse Museum located on the property of the Pecatonica Elementary School was seeking items to display it as a one-room schoolhouse of the 1800’s.
The school district sponsored the construction, which was completed by high school teacher Gary Hospelhorn and his shop classes. The Pecatonica Junior Woman’s Club took over the maintenance.
In keeping with National guidelines, the PJWC became the PWC, and it has become increasingly difficult for the members to perform the tasks needed to keep the building in good shape. Forty years of being usually closed up and exposure to northern Illinois weather has taken its toll.
But, lo and behold, help appeared. Pecatonica Boy Scout Troop #1 member, Jesse Topper was looking for an Eagle Project. Requirements dictate that he responsible for gathering funding, arranging for Scouts and other individuals to complete the work.  Jesse and his crew are taking care of both the interior and exterior.

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