Under the direction of volunteers Ambyr Koch and Jeannie Ann Parma of The Stephan Mack Daddy’s took on an obstacle course at Hononegah High School’s tennis courts. The team worked their way through the course utilizing tennis rackets and a ball, rode bicycles while taking on a full but fun challenge.

By Marianne Mueller
Loads of laughter was heard throughout the Village of Rockton as teams dressed in race bibs and spirited shirt prepared for a day of fun and challenges; each leading to fun and the top prize of a customized trophy at the third annual Great Rockton Race on Sept. 14. Fourteen teams took part in a fierce but friendly competition.
Action started at Settlers Park where all listed to rules outlined by event organizer Jodi May. All teams received a map featuring 19 stops. Teams followed clues on a scavenger hunt of unique proportions.
At Rycom, participants took turns skipping over a custom style SkipBo while yodeling at the same time.
When each round was finished teams had the option of finding a duck to put a word or a group of words together.
Relay skills were discovered at Hononegah High School’s tennis courts along with a bonus round. During the bonus round teammates tried their hand at juggling tennis balls.
Extra points had been earned by individuals who juggled and recited the Gettysburg Address at the same time.
More fun came in the form of live action videos and a “Smack Talk Challenge.”
Rockton’s Police Department set up a station where participants wore goggles as they attempted to throw bean bags at a target. Led by Rockton Police Chief Steve Dickson and police officers, this exercise raised awareness of what being impaired feels like.
Rockton Fire Protection District had a station set up with plastic ducks. The challenge was to use a water blaster toy to move the ducks off of the table; Sugar Britches posed a chewing gum challenge. Each person had to put a few pieces of bubble gum in their mouth then tried to blow a bubble through the thick layers of gum.
The Gem Shop & Diamond Source LLC. Invited teams to figure out a picture puzzle leading to a conclusion of “Queen Ringing Gold.” Teams who visited Butler’s Emporium dressed up like the Queen and even had a photo taken with the Queen’s likeness.
Participants from Troop 196 Part 1 and Part 2 weighed in the experience “One of my favorite parts of this event was when Emerson dressed up like the Queen,” Sandra Fenton said. “The police station was fun,” Josie Fenton said. She adds, “I also loved how the library hid their ducks in the Dewey Decimal System; with duck books in the kids section. They had placed 200 ducks in there.” The troops visit to The Mix was another favorite place on the team’s journey.
After completing everything they could master teams returned to Settlers Park where an awards ceremony and prize winners were announced.
“You have completed the race. The enthusiasm and good-naturedness that you have all displayed was fabulous,” May lauded.
Emerging as the day’s top team who earned the most points in the fastest time were Superheroes in Training. Troop196 Part 1 and Part 2 earned the title of holding the “Most Spirit.” The Doodles earned “Most Family Spirit” honors. Purplicious Posse was named as “I like the way you race.” Stephen Mack Daddies also received special recognition. The Golden Girls won a Pandora bracelet donated by the Gem Shop.
Volunteers and judges played an integral role in this year’s Great Rockton Race.
“Plans are underway for the 2020 Great Rockton Race and we are hoping to have our event coincide with Hanz Brew Fest, “May said

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