SR choir: Hope Cornett, CeCe Clodfelter, Madie Libman, Alivia Bradford, Jaidyn Newton, Sophie Tucker, Jayne Lynde, Vance Hunter, Ryan Benidt, Josh Bianchi, Kyle Baker, Jaeden Buser, Luke Mathieu, Isaac Mondello.

Over a thousand students prepare for District VIII vocal/instrumental auditions, sponsored by Illinois Music Educators Association (ILMEA). These auditions are extremely competitive and rigorous. They include the playing/singing of scales, exercises, sight reading and tonal skills all while executing a beautiful tone and technique using very difficult music selections.
If selected, these students will participate in the District music festival in November (traditional band, choir, orchestra and vocal and instrumental jazz festival). Byron Middle School and High School had 37 students selected to the District VIII ensembles.
From the Byron Middle School, in band, are Elizabeth Dyck (8th grade), Faith Rakowski (8th grade) and Hunter Haas (7th grade). From the Byron Middle School, in choir, are Denise Braithwaite (8th), Maison Brandt (8th), Brittany Squires (7th), Jessica Penrod (7th), Gina Baker (7th), Olivia Brinkmeier (7th), and Neveah Herrera (7th).
High School band members are Ryer Christian (17th), AJ Luna (11th), Riley Jarrett (10th), and Alaina Haas (9th). The High School band member that is in the orchestra is Nate Dyck (11th). High School choir members in the JR Mixed ensemble are Bella Rosavalazquez (9th), Emmalyn Rehberg (9th), Grace Voiles (9th), Madison Moser (9th), Madison Lindquist (9th), Josslyn Laurance (9th), Mia Vongsiri (9th).
Choir members in the SR Mixed ensemble are Kyle Baker (12th), Ryan Benidt (12th), Alivia Bradford (12th), Jaeden Buser (11th), Hope Cornett (11th), Isaac Mondello (10th), Luke Mathieu (10th), Madi Libman (12th), Jayne Lynde (1th), Josh Bianchi (10th), Vance Hunter (12th), Jaidyn Newton (10th), CeCe Clodfelter (12th), and Sophie Tucker (10th).
Alivia Bradford also made it into the District Jazz ensemble. The District Festival is held at DeKalb High School on Nov. 23. The Middle School concert will begin at 4 p.m. and the High School concert will begin at 7 p.m.

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