Loves Park Fire Station #2, located at 1527 Windsor Road, is being upgraded through expansion. Construction is past the midway point in a project adding two more bays to the building.

By Doug Schroder
If you’ve been traveling down Windsor Road anytime in the past month or so you’ve probably noticed construction happening on the fire station at the intersection of Windsor and Clifton Roads. The expansion project of Loves Park Fire Station #2, located at 1527 Windsor Road, has reached the midway point. Construction of the expansion began on Sept. 16.
Construction was started on the original build on Dec. 4, 1972 under the administration of Mayor Lane A. Peterson. Construction was completed on Aug. 25, 1973 under the administration of Mayor Edward W. Anderson. The Fire Chief at the time was Dallas Boyle. Secretary of State Michael J. Howlett dedicated the building in a ceremony held on Aug. 24, 1974.
Loves Park has grown considerably since that time and the needs of the citizens needed to be met. The Loves Park Fire Department hired its first full-time first responders in December of 2018. Station #2 houses the firefighters for the 24 hour shifts, that’s why the city decided to invest nearly $2.6 million in not only expansion to the building, but to also add new equipment.
A new fire truck and quint will be added to the fleet. The current quint is almost 30 years old as it is a 1981 model and has seen its better days. A quint is a fire-service apparatus that serves the dual purpose of an engine and a ladder truck. The quint provides five functions, those being pump, water tank, fire hose, aerial device, and ground ladders.
The bay doors of the expansion are being built two feet taller than the old bays to accommodate the size of the new vehicles.
Shift Commander Ryan Evans was on hand when I stopped by on the afternoon of Oct. 24 to find out more information about the expansion and to take a look at the progress so far. Evans was happy to show me around and discuss what’s taking place.
“This is going to help us out a lot. Over time these rigs get a lot of wear and tear on them. They have to update these things. It’s going to be great having the new vehicles with up-to-date equipment on them. It will help to serve the community better,” said Evans.
The city of Loves Park will pay for the new addition and trucks with a 10-year bond, which will be paid off using money from the city’s general fund. Included in the cost was the acquisition of the building next door, which will be used for administration offices, allowing the firefighters separate space for work and home. The extra space should improve day-to-day operations at the station.
Local contractor Ringland-Johnson was awarded the contract for the work.
The project should wrap up in December, with a ribbon cutting ceremony more than likely taking place in January.
More information about the Loves Park Fire Department can be found on the Facebook page of the same name.

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