By Chris Johnson
On Thursday, Nov. 7, the Pecatonica Village Board met in regular session with discussion held on a major works project which will impact residents.
The Village of Pecatonica is looking to make major switch-overs for the underground water transfer systems. There are a lot of miles to cover and it will take a lot of resources to get things done.
At this point, according to Village Engineer Jason Stoll with Fehr Grahm, it’s a waiting game to see how things are coming along with a loan that is being sought.
“We have heard it was approved, but we don’t have the paperwork yet. The financial numbers got to the EPA and they verbally told us we were approved for the water loan.”
Stoll explained that the loan, estimated to be around $5,000,000 will go a long way in assuring needed improvements are made in the Village of Pecatonica.
The process to secure the IEPA loan began over a year ago. “Things sometimes take time in Springfield.” Stoll said.
The village had received the construction permit. In that aspect, it was explained, there aren’t any concerns.
Additionally, Trustees and Village President Bill Smull were told by Stoll that work at the well house with the elevated tank site is moving forward.
‘We are pursuing a construciton permit for this project. We did complete the boundary survey for property at 3123 n. Pecatonica Road, It has been staked.”
Trustee Marilyn Wilke responded to Stoll’s report about the property saying the stakes were not clearly visible when she attempted to locate them.
Stoll assured the work had been done and the invoice for the project was submitted for village approval.
Pecatonica Public Works Director Nick Berry also informed village officials that he had achieved the status of full certification. Additional services provided through Fehr Grahm’s oversight could now be phased out.
“I was able to pass myWasterwater Test on the first try. About 18 percent of people pass it the first time. I was surprised!”
Berry said the testing cycle took a little time to work through, but he found he didn’t need as much as they were offereing.
“They give you three hours to complete it. I usually don’t need all of that. I finished it in a little over two hours. Two hours 15 minutes of the three.”
Previously, Berry’s role with the Village of Pecatonica as Public Works Director came with some restrictions. Outside assistance for certified projects was required. That may not need to be the case now.
Because of the full certification, Berry was also accorded the funding that comes with the position. Wilke questioned the amount of the increase, which exceeded ten percent. However, the Village President explained that that was how the ordinance was written. The Public Works Director was locked into a rate, which was approved by Trustees each year following review.
A pay raise and title adjustment was also made for the Pecatonica Assistant Village Clerk position. Funding that was designated for assignment to the Village Treasurer’s Office will be shifted under the Village President’s Administration Fund. Most of the annual requirements placed on the treasurer have already been met.
The duties being asked of the Deputy Village Clerk will include more attention paid to the village’s water services system.
A greater understanding of system operation was required and more time was needed to accomplish the task, the Village President explained.
The issue of recreational cannabis use also surfaced during the village’s Committee of the Whole monthly meeting.
It was approved that the committee would forward a plan to assure a three percent tax would be in place for any business given license to open a marijuana dispensary in the Village of Pecatonica in the next year.
The Pecatonica Village Board will meet next in regular session on Tuesday, Nov. 19 at 6:30 p.m. The issue of cannabis allowance is expected to appear on the agenda.

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